Sébastien Noël & Paleo Recipe Book Review

Paleo Recipe Book has been written by Sébastien Noël who is a popular diet expert and has been greatly involved into carbs and diet. His huge experience has enabled him to give accurate opinion about the effects of low carbs diet and other foods. He has shared everything about the foods in his book.

Sebastien has discovered the art to use different types of food to deal with different body conditions. He suffered with various health related problems in the past such as candida overgrowth, malabsorption, irritable bowels and allergies and this all was because of not having proper knowledge of foods.

What is Paleo Recipe Book

Paloe Recipe Book has been introduced by Sébastien Noël to help people understand the magic of foods in dealing with various fitness problems and other conditions. It is easy to learn and simple to follow cooking guidebook has healthy recipes for more than 2 months.

Features of Paleo Recipe Book


  • These recipes will reduce the risk of gaining weight as all of them have been prepared to speed up safe fat burning process rather than weight gain.
  • You will learn everything about cooking such as the cost of the ingredients, the time you require to prepare a specific recipe.
  • You will exactly learn how to cook your meal without spending lots of time and unnecessary amount of time.
  • Each recipe include in this guidebook is not just healthy but also delicious and you can enjoy the large variety of meals.

Money Back Guarantee

Sébastien Noël has offered a full money back guarantee for 60 days which will allow you to get your money back in case you don’t like the suggested recipes and don’t find them as healthy as you want.

Free Bonuses

When you purchase the Paleo Recipe Book, you will also be rewarded with few free bonuses which are completely relevant to your diet program and you can double the benefits with them:

  • Bonus # 1: Quick and simple paleo meals
  • Bonus # 2: 8 Week Meal Plan
  • Bonus # 3: Paleo Desserts
  • Bonus # 4: Herb and Spice Guide


  • This cooking guidebook might change your way to eating and you might have to replace some of your favorite recipes with the healthy ones.
  • The ingredients you need to prepare your meal are commonly available except few which might not be found in your kitchen.
  • If you want the printed version of this book be shipped to your house, it might not be possible because it is available only in digital version.


  • The suggested recipes are healthy and delicious and you will not find them like the other traditional and boring taste.
  • There are diet plans for full 8 weeks and you will not have to worry about your meals for the next two months.
  • The suggested recipes will be really helpful for you to burn excessive body fat along with various other benefits.
  • You will find the colorful photos showing the meals you want to prepare which will make it more interesting for you to choose from large variety of recipes.
  • The entire package can be instantly downloaded right into your personal computer.

Last Words – Paleo Recipe Book Scam?

Paleo Recipe Book by Sebastien Noel is in fact a fat loss secret which will provide you with desired results just in a short period of two months without doing hard and harsh exercises. You can use this program and if you don’t get the results you want, you can request for a refund within 60 days.


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