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mikeTruth About Abs has been created by Mike Geary who is a certified nutrition specialist and a certified personal trainer. He is running TruthAboutAbs.com which has become world’s largest informational source for health and fitness. Mike also introduced abdominal system which has engaged about half of a million people in about 150 countries.

He attained Bachelors of Science degree from Susquehanna. His qualification educational background has been very helpful for him and he has successful developed various other program which all have gained lots of popularity. He is also running an online newsletter that covers all essential factors related to fitness. The Newsletters has successfully made 7 lacs subscribers.

What is Truth About Six Packs Abs?

The Truth About Six Packs Abs has been developed by Mike Geary to provide people with three-phase by giving them a unique way which works to achieve three different targets i.e. Fat Los, muscles gaining and inner strengths.

Features of Truth About Six Packs Abs?

  • Most of the programs for fat loss or muscles building are based either on exercises or nutritional strategies but the important thing about this program is that it uses both nutrition as well as exercises.
  • Now the program is that some people don’t prefer to do exercises because of the level of difficulty but it has been observed that the exercises suggested into this system are very simple to use and quite easy to understand.
  • This is a complete and comprehensive program and contains everything necessary to get real muscular body physique. It includes great amount of information and the instructions to use each exercise with proper form. There are high and low intensity exercises along with other cardiovascular exercises.

60-Money Back Guarantee

If you intend to use this program, you must get full money back guarantee as it has been offered by Mike Geary for 60 days. The offer will protect your online purchase and you don’t have to worry about online scam.

Absolutely Free Bonuses

  1. Five Ways to Lose Weight DVD Version
  2. Fast-Fitness Audios
  3. Body Weight Fusion
  4. 7-Day Back Pain Relief healthy recipes for desert


  • There are some high intensive exercises which may not suit some users.
  • You will find lots of information but it may be a little irritation for some users to understand each and every step of this program.
  • You can’t expect overnight results and will have to follow this long strategic plan to see the results.



  • It has been created by a prominent nutrition specialist.
  • It works in multiple directions.
  • It helps you burn fat, gain muscles and strength.
  • It has comprehensive amount of information.

Last Words – Truth About Abs Scam?

Those who want to achieve multiple targets at the same time will find this program really attractive as it works in all three directions. If you think you need to burn fat or gain muscles, you must give it a try especially when you are given full money back guarantee for 60 days, you must never waste this opportunity. Truth about six packs abs review shows that it is not online scam.

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