Essential Tools for the DIY Beginner

DIY is not only a great hobby, but also a perfect way to learn important skills, which will offer you a cheaper way to fix anything in your home, without having to do with the trouble of hiring someone to do it. Besides that, there’s nothing more satisfying than doing, from scratch, something you really want or need, all by yourself. However, to become a great craftsman, it’s important to have the perfect tools. So, it’s time to give you all the details on the essential starter box. Strap your utensil belt, and listen carefully! 

Power Sanders

For any project you do that includes working with wood or flat surfaces, a power sander will be your best friend. A game-changer, this tool makes smoothing your wood much easier than only using sandpaper by hand. A power sander is definitely essential either you’re making a table, a board or even a frame, as it will give it a stunning finishing touch, even if you don’t paint it. In my opinion, there’s nothing but advantages that come with it - a fairly economical product, easy-to-use, and for sure a time saver! 

From personal experience, a palm sander is ideal for any beginner because it’s the perfect carry-on tool, combining it’s small and light-weight structure, with a powerful and easy to control motor. Besides that, there is a wide range of palm sanders you can choose from, like some with a rounder shape, a more rectangular one, or you can always go for the prize and choose both. Remember, when in doubt, palm sanders are always the answer and if you’re interested in finding the right one for you, click here.


It might go without saying how important a hammer is in your toolbox. It might even sound weird to mention such a simple tool, yet, there’s no kit without a good hammer. This tool is the perfect match to nails, as nails don’t exist without a hammer, and a hammer will always come in handy for hanging a frame, decorating your walls. Also, don’t forget that, usually, it comes with another tool, as most hammers have a claw in their back, giving you the possibility to correct any wrong nail. I hope you find the perfect hammer for your toolbox! 

Power Drill

You can either go for  a corded or cordless one, but a drill will definitely make your DIY experience so much easier and more entertaining. A power drill is a must-have tool at home, as it’s perfect to fix anything around the house, turning the task at hand into a simple and quick fix. Imagine you drill your wall and put a screw in it, but you didn’t place it as you wanted. Luckily, this tool lets you retreat it and try again! However, the hole will stay, but that’s what family pictures are for, right? At least till your wife takes them out for cleaning… But seriously, to beginners, it’s definitely an essential to have since so many DIY projects include drilling holes, so don’t miss this one out. 


A common thing to have around the office and unrated when it comes to projects, but it can be a pretty precious tool. When doing smaller projects or even fixing something, sometimes we don’t think about the easiest solution, but luckily for you, I’m here to remind it. A stapler can be your best buddy for projects with light-weight wood, for fixing a fabric on a sofa, or even just for creating a wooden box. It’s not only simple and practical, but it’s also very efficient, a cheap tool, and small enough to always have in hand. If you want to feel a bit manlier, you can always opt for a nail gun. 

The Final Project

For anyone wanting to reach the DIY life, having the right tools is half the way, meaning everyone should have a toolbox with these utensils around the house because it can be a life-saver in so many situations. I hope this article helped you understand better the advantages of a good kit, and convinced you not to call an expert anytime there’s a small task at hand. Thank you for reading!

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