Effective Fitness Training Program for Different Body Tips and Needs

The effectiveness and success of any fitness program depend upon many factors. They include selection and combination of exercises, consistency in doing those exercises, diet, nutrition and rest.

First, it would depend on your fitness ambition, objectives and targets. If you are aiming at more sort of a bodybuilding type muscular built, it would require you to work on different fitness training equipment, do intensive interval workouts and would definitely involve weight lifting.

When you seek to lose excessive weight, become smart, fit and stay that way, it would require less intense, more fitness focused workouts, with or without some weight lifting.

For the general purpose of wellness, a healthy lifestyle and staying shaped-up, exercises such as daily walk, running, cycling and swimming should suffice. Consistency is still very much demanded from you.

You can work on many other tips and tricks to increase the success ratio of your fitness effort, here we are listing some general tips, which if followed can tremendously benefit anyone seeking fitness as their lifestyle.

  1. Exercise daily – that is must

Remember! The pressure of poor-quality environment that we live in and the unhealthy lifestyle that we have become used to, is what has made us unfit, deteriorated our health.

It is why we desperately seek ways and means to become natural born fit, and as they say, solution of desperate situations needs desperate measures, we have to adopt exercise as our lifestyle and routine, just like any other routine. Only then we can sustain in a stressful and pressures-driven environment and maintain healthy lives as much as possible.

So, no matter what type of exercise you do and how much you do it, do it on a daily basis. If you walk for example, walk every day. Don’t skip it for any time or day, unless you have a genuine reason to give yourself a break.

No doubt, it is quite difficult to hit gym every day. It needs a lot of motivation and energy to do it day after day, but we need to do it. It is not a matter of choice for us, certainly no more.

2. Start with small and grow into bigger

Don’t get either excited or disappointed, start with a small step. It counts in your longer journey to fitness as much as a long walk or run. Nothing is achievable overnight, and it is certainly not fitness.

Also, consider fitness a path that you have to walk by some distance every day. It does not have an end to it, not in present age and time, when imagining a healthy and fit body amid less favorable living conditions is almost impossible.

Another benefit of taking it easy, slow and with small, is that it would allow your body time to immerse into your fitness routine. Your body muscles with all weakness, strains, pain and tiredness would have time to adapt and build themselves into workout out environment.

Once your motivation is up high and your body is highly ready, you can launch into rather extensive and intense workouts. You can work on any fitness training equipment then.

3. Focus cardio exercises to start with

Cardio is an important sector of your body. Your body’s entire function, energy and strength rely and build on fitness of your cardiovascular muscles. So, in the beginning focus on their fitness.

You can pick exercises such as walk, running, cycling and others that entirely concentrate on boosting your cardio fitness. It would improve your heart’s health and health of muscles surrounding your heart, which pump blood into veins. 

You can walk outside in the park or on a treadmill at gym or your home. You can walk in mix of both. Also, you can either cycle around your area on a real bike or do it on a fixed bike, either at gym or your home. Again, you can do this exercise as mix of both options.

If you have an access to a pool either at a commercial facility or home, swim as much as you can. Do it at least twice or once a week, may be on the weekend. It is one of the best exercises that can get you in shape quickly. It is very good for stamina boost, endurance and flexibility.

3. Keep weight focused training as long-term goal

It is very hard to imagine building your body muscles without some weight-focused training. Once you sense that your body is fit and ready to work on some fitness training equipment, add some lighter weights to your exercise routine.

It would largely depend on your fitness goals, but some exercises with dumbbells and kettlebells are very effective for muscular training. 

A piece of advice, if you have not done a weight-based training before, better get some help from a fitness instructor at your gym. The main part of weight-based training is doing it properly. Otherwise, just lifting some weight can’t get you any benefit.

It is a must to start with lighter weight. Getting your body sustain weight requires some time, and if you put too much pressure on it, it stands exposed to injury risks. 

4. Quality sleep, food, rest and hydration

It is a very common tip to give, but very hard to ignore that you have to take care of your body’s other needs if you want it to respond to your exercise routine effectively quicker.

Allow yourself a quality sleep of six hours every night, at least. Quality means, you sleep sound, uninterrupted and possibly in one spell. Without it, you would be killing your body. It would get tired quickly, let alone not responding to your fitness efforts. If you are unable to sleep for a reason, solve that reason, even if you have to get a professional help.

To get a proper time for sleep at night, cut short your other activities such as night outs clubbing or with friends. 

In addition to sleep, also take out some time when you can rest properly. It would give you time and space to rethink over yourself, your goals and catch up on with bright ideas.

Eat healthy, organic if possible and fresh foods. Avoid at all costs processed and frozen foods. Increase proteins, cut carbs and fat from your menu.

Drink a lot of clean fresh water to keep your body hydrated to a required level. Drink water after exercise, after shower and bath or any time when you feel thirsty. These are times when water has higher positive impact on your body.

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Misty is a sports educationist and fitness instructor. She regularly blogs on the subjects of sports, exercise, motivation and emotional therapy. ???? currently is associated with Xn8 Sports who specialize in designing, manufacturing and selling Boxing, MMA & Fitness gear and accessories.

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