Privacy Policy

Collection of User’s Personal Information

The collection of user’s personal information is very sensitive issue and we make sure that it must be handled carefully by the concerned department of ScamReviewScan.Com. The information is simply the data that we collect from the clients, users and visitors of this website. However, it does not include some kind of highly sensitive information which may put a question mark on your privacy.

Risk Factors in Data Collection

Due to the privacy concerns, many users might not like to produce their personal information especially when they are not aware that what type of data is being collected by the site. However, the data includes only the information which may be used to identify a single visitor, the next time he visits the site. In most of the cases, users are not required to provide any information but in few particular cases, their consent can make the services better.

What Data is Collected

As mentioned above, in particular cases, the visitors are requested to produce some or all of the following information:

  • Original Name
  • Current Mailing Address
  • Valid Email address
  • Active Phone Number

How the Collected Data is Handled

The data is handled by the concerned department for making sure that there is no risk of theft, stolen or loss of valued information.

Safety & Protection

It is not always safe to produce the personal data on an online network, however, the ScamReviewScan.Com has taken all necessary measures to provide maximum safety and protection to our clients, users and visitors personal information.

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