Technology makes our lives much more comfortable, and we get more productive in our lives to achieve unimaginable things. But one of its side effects is the reduction in physical activities. As a consequence, our stamina decreases gradually. People make up for this by hitting the gym or simply jogging. 

Exercising is essential as it helps us maintain an optimal weight along, saving us from several diseases. Gyming strengthens our muscles that also reduces the stress on our bones.

However, building your strength is a slow process. So, people also add various things to their diet to boost their body strength. Before diving into the details of that, we might have to recall some basic high school biology here. You might remember that proteins help in building and strengthening the muscles, and these proteins are a product of amino acids. 

You need a diet containing the necessary amino energy to increase your body strength. Athletes need mainly three types of these proteins collectively called Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). These are isoleucine, valine and leucine. 

The following are some ways to increase protein intake in your diet.

Eggs instead of Cereals

We usually take low-protein food in breakfast, but since increasing your protein consumption is a lifestyle change, it starts with your breakfast. 

Eggs are very high in protein and will help start your day with enhanced energy. So ditch your casual cereal breakfast, because research also shows that starting your day with eggs will lessen your appetite and helps in controlling that obesity. So, you must not be afraid while consuming high energy food like eggs.

Add Almonds and Greek yogurt to your diet

Almonds are very healthy and contain a fair amount of protein to cater to your needs. The good thing is any food can be topped with chopped almonds to make them tastier and healthier. Similarly, Greek Yogurt contains twice the amount of protein as compared to the regular yogurt. Greek yogurt is another such food that not only increases your protein intake but also reduces your hunger as scientists have found out.

Eat peanut butter

Who doesn’t love to spread a bit of peanut butter on a toast or lick it off your fingers? The good news is, it is a protein-rich food, and hence very healthy for your body. Complement it with fruits like bananas, and you will have a healthy high-protein, high-fiber, and antioxidant mid-day snack.

Cottage cheese and fish

High protein food can sometimes be delicious too, and that’s the case with cottage cheese. A small amount of cottage cheese now and then makes a very healthy snack. On the other hand, if you are a seafood person, you are totally in luck as they are abundant in protein too. Even when you are traveling, you can keep canned fish and keep your protein intake high.

Legumes and Soybeans

As a vegetarian option, you can always go for legumes. It’s even better when you consume soybeans, which are rich in protein. Edamame is the type of soybeans that are steamed when unripened, and it makes a very flavorsome intake.

Protein shakes

Even after trying to accommodate more protein into your diet, your needs might not be fulfilled. So, it is time to introduce protein shakes to yourself. These shakes can be taken either at breakfast or after returning from the gym.

Amino supplements

Amino supplements are the best way to get all the necessary proteins in one dose. Athelets rely heavily on amino supplements. Because they not only help in strengthening muscles but also repair any tears caused by exercising or lifting heavier weights. With that, it immensely improves your endurance and performance while getting you rid of your fatigue. 

Amino supplements are a game-changer when it comes to your body strength.

Key takeaways

We can surmise that our body needs a lot more protein than we are consuming if we need to enhance our strength. The protein can be acquired from various natural sources, as well as protein shakes and amino supplements, that are made specifically for this job. However, you must remember that increased protein intake can dehydrate your body. It means that waste elements like urea can stay in your kidneys, and a large number of deposits can turn them into what we call kidney stones. But don’t worry, this can be avoided by increasing your water intake. Now is your time to make your gym time count by simultaneously enhancing your body strength through other means.

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