2-Day Pineapple Diet Plan

If you love eating pineapple and also are willing to shed your weight, good news is brought to you here. Know it that you may go for pineapple diet for the purpose of losing your weight fast. Here you may have the taste of pineapple to enjoy and lose weight.

Nutritional Facts of Pineapple

If you want to know the weight of pineapple, you will come to know that it weighs approximately 1kg whereas it has 1 percent total fat, 0 percent cholesterol, 10 percent vitamin A, 11 percent calcium and 14 percent iron. It has also some nutrients and minerals to help you if you are willing to get good health.

Why to Choose Pineapple Diet Plan

Pineapple diet is recommended you for a few days to help shedding your excessive fat fast as it is like a program to cut about 3 kilos. It is recommended by nutritionists that eating pineapple is very good for the reason that it has a great amount of potassium that is really very helpful in burning your fat fast.

Toxin Killer

Pineapple is a toxin killer and it is very good for your digestive system which detoxifies your stomach within one or two days.

Pineapple Diet Plan

If you try sticking with plans, you will see lots of diet plans of this fruit, but you are here to go for 2-day plan for weight loss.

2-Day Plan Pineapple Diet Plan

When you are willing to go for this plan, you are supposed to eat pineapple only and drink its fresh juices and with it you will consume water and that is why you will not have to go for any foods except it. For this diet, you need to have about 2000g pineapple each day during these 2 days. For getting the best results within two days, you need to cut it into four pieces/slices for consuming in breakfast and snack, dinner and lunch.

During this diet plan, you need to drink lots of glasses of water; you will have to drink at least 8 to 9 glasses of water per day. As a result, after these two days, you will lose your 2 kilos weight.

Further Benefits

As it is known to reduce your weight to make you stunning and it is just because of sticking with pineapple diet plan. Eating this fruit also has other health benefits which are mentioned below.

Pineapple for Blood Pressure

When you eat a pineapple, it reduces your high blood pressure since it contains high amount of potassium. Consuming it in morning with your breakfast keeps your body fresh whole day.


Consuming high amount of beta-carotene nutrient is extremely good for your health, which is really very helpful to reduce the chances or risks of experiencing asthma.


It has a great amount of vitamin C, therefore, eating pineapple is helpful to avoid cancer.

Diabetes & Heart Diseases

Consumption of this fruit is also very important for reducing the chances of diabetes and heart diseases.

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