15 Finest Summer Weight Loss Tips

Remember it’s summer and you feel like wearing shorts and go outside to enjoy summer season. There is a problem found, despite you are very beautiful, but due to getting fat you are going to lose your beauty because your body is stunning with chubby thighs and fat belly.

It seems as if you were going to face obesity gradually. Don’t worry! You may get over this problem by doing these 15 tips in summer that will help you cut your fat, but you must make up your mind to follow the exact directions and instructions that will help you.

1) Green tea makes fat flee.

Taking green tea is very advantageous for burning calories before breakfast and you better add honey instead of sugar.

2) Lemon juice makes fat confused.

In hot days, you better have lemon juice as it will reduce fat and give you energy too.

3) Orange juice is good news.

If you want to make your summer fantastic, you better have a glass of orange juice. It should be natural juice, not processed.

4) Green vegetables on the table

Always make your habit to eat green vegetables that are high in vitamins. Usually eat these instead of marbled meat.

5) Heavy Breakfast

Having breakfast at 7 AM or 8 AM, it does not matter. It should be heavy, not light. Prevent fatty dairy, but eat a lot to be away from craving and keep in mind that it is not a myth.

Light lunch is Super.

Forget lunch if you have had heavy breakfast. If you feel like eating anything, eat fresh fruits.

Dinner before 2 hours of sleep

Majority of people have dinner at late night. You are supposed to have dinner at least 2 hours before the dinner. If you sleep at 11:00 PM, you must have dinner at 09:00 PM, but always try sleeping early at night.

Jumping for a few Minutes

Jumping for 3 to 4 minutes continuously can burn 100 calories from your body.

Running Anytime

You need to run for a few minutes anytime that you will get over excessive fat.

Walking after Having Dinner

Walk on footpath at least 30 minutes after dinner and you will never have unshaped belly.

Sleep is Fatless Medicine.

Sleep is better than pill when it is a question of losing fat. Many evidences are there that proper sleep reduces fat.

Light Weightlifting

It is really good to know that lifting light weights for a few minutes to get sweat out of pores is effective, thus, you will get slim.

Hiking is Great Fun.

If you are free in your summer holidays, pack your bags and go with friends and relatives to enjoy hiking. It is two in one as you will enjoy and lose weight too.

Jogging is Pleasurable.

Jogging is the oldest solution of getting rid of many problems and one of these is fat loss. Make your habit to jog all the year round.


If you dive into deep water, it reduces your excessive fat and keep in mind that summer is ideal for swimming.

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