8 Tips for Healthy Eating for Weight Loss & Improved Health

1 – Drink two glasses of water before breakfast

Hydration is necessary for life and water detoxifies the body and can also be satisfying. If you drink two glasses of water before breakfast, you will help your body prepare for food intake and avoid obesity. You can drink water before other meals too. According to the American Chemical Society, drinking water before meals helps you lose weight.

2 – Start eating fruit from early

The key to a healthy diet to prevent overweight is eating at least five servings of fruits and vegetables. These provide vitamins, fiber and minerals, essential to increase defenses, boost immune system and maintain stable blood pressure. They are rich in antioxidants, the substance that fight free radicals and is responsible for aging and some diseases like cancer.

3 – Make two healthy snacks

Balanced diet is the key to lose weight and you should eat small amounts at 5 or 6 different times of day. The snacks are ideal to avoid hunger while main meals i.e. lunch and dinner provide body the energy it needs.

A good snack can consist of a fruit and a dairy protein. You can choose to have a turkey sandwich, homemade salad or a fruit for snacks as they don’t can increase caloric intake.

4 – Eat slowly

Slow eating releases some hormones which help in controlling hunger as they increase satiety. Conversely, eating fast does not release these hormones and you feel the need to eat more food and it will result in ultimate weight destroyer. The stomach takes about 20 minutes to send the signal to the brain that it is full, so with eating slowly, you have the possibility to stop earlier even when you are not full.

5 – Organic Products

The beneficial effects of nutrients of all products are the same. However, organic products have a great advantage as they have up to 30 percent less pesticide pollution. In addition, its organoleptic properties, i.e. smell and taste are better because the farming methods on a smaller scale are less invasive and respect for the environment is greater.

If you have a home garden, you can grow your own food as a garden at home does not require a large outlay. You can build your own garden in small space such as a roof or terrace.

6 – Try taking high doses of combining fiber foods

Fibers nourish, balance and cleanse the body; about 25g of dietary fiber is recommended and it is impossible to acquire only taking a couple of fruits and a salad a day. So it is very important to combine different resources and consume dietary fiber which is found in cereals, fruits, vegetables, whole wheat pasta, etc, and if necessary, combine some supplements.

7 – Very light dinner

During the night, digestion is slower and there is minimum energy expenditure, so avoid eating much at dinner because it can produce the energy that the body no longer needs and deposits it as fat, so the risk of gaining weight is greater. The most appropriate dinner for not gaining weight is defatted broth or vegetable cream, accompanied by a French-style omelet, a boiled egg, white fish or two slices of cheese garnished with herbs.

8 – Before bed, take a relaxing drink

The studies indicate that sleep helps prevent weight gain and there is nothing better than a drink that relaxes all senses which promote sound sleep. The most effective infusions in this regard are linden, chamomile, lemon or orange. Warm milk with a tablespoon of pure cocoa can also help you sleep better because chocolate in small amount is a perfect precursor of sleep.


These are very simple steps that will help you lose extra weight and maintain healthy weight without great efforts and you don’t have to count calories or follow strict diets that may affect your health. Having optimal weight is a guarantee of good quality of life and improved health and you also avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and have high self-esteem and better sex life.

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