Dangerous Diets of Famous Female Celebrities

It is very common to hear all the models and actresses who appear to be in great bodies, commenting that it is all thanks to their genetics and they eat everything they like. On the other hand, there are all women who care themselves as much as they can, living on the boiled and cooked food, thus, achieving to lower weight slowly as a kilo or so in case they are doing well. This aspect of celebrity diet is well covered in venus factor program reviewed here. All these celebrities never talk about the diets which they use to get the figure they are in and sometimes they even put their health at risk and here are some examples of such dangerous diets.

Mariah Carey – Purple Diet

An absurd diet is known as Purple diet. It consists of eating only grapes, plums, beets and other foods of this color; the dieter eats them for 3 days a week. Someone who usually follows this diet is Mariah Carey. It is a clear example of the diets that may cause emergency situation and the dieter eventually ends up going higher in weight.


Beyonce – Master Cleanse Diet

To lose more than 10 kilos, Beyonceunderwent a detox diet called Master Cleanse, also known as the lemonade diet. It was created in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, and only involved taking a mixture of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper; there is no solid food involved in the diet. The dieter has to drink 8 to 10 glasses per day of this mixture. When the body does not get food, you tend to be constipated, so they must be taken daily in the morning and in the evening herbal tea is also prepared. It is suggested that this diet is made for at least 15 days and not more than 15 days at all.


Jennifer Aniston – Baby’s Diet

Jennifer Aniston followed it and it was suggested by her trainer Tracey Anderson. The baby’s diet involves eating 14 servings of mashed potatoes, accompanied by a healthy dinner to cleanse the body. The dieter can also consume fruit juices, porridge oats and pears with cinnamon.


Victoria Beckham – Five Hands Diet

She followed a strict diet to regain her size zero after pregnancy known as Five Hands. The diet consists of only eating 5 servings of food the size of your hand daily. Foods that can be consumed are salmon, tuna and scrambled eggs, accompanied by green vegetables and no carbohydrates. It is supplemented with water and snacks such as cherries, goji and walnuts.


Angelina Jolie – 600 Calories a Day Diet

This gorgeous and successful woman has caused controversy over the strict diet that she follows which manages to let her stay at 45 kilograms. To achieve this, she eats 600 calories a day. She has vegetable soup, which is followed for several days skipping of course any other food in the food pyramid.

You can go on diets of this style, however, what matters is that you accept yourself as you are and do not compare yourself to anyone and learn how to get the best possible match. When you make a weight loss diet, it has to be reasonable and balanced and of course, you should always resort to a nutritionist. Otherwise, with these crazy diets, all you have to face is the rebound effect.


Suggestion for Quick Weight Loss

First of all, quick weight loss is not recommended. In case you have a special event and want to look spectacular in short time follow the suggestion mentioned below a week before the event.

  • You need to limit intake of carbohydrates and completely avoid sugar and alcohol, and drink lots of water.
  • For your meals, eat grilled fish with vegetables
  • For snacks, you should opt for fruits
  • You must increase your physical activity.

I assure you this will make you look good and it will not jeopardize your health at all.


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