World Class Eats with NYU Dining Halls

New York University would not be part of the prestigious universities in the US if not for its standards to admit examiners. In turn, the collegiate takes care of students who earn the privilege to be part of the community.

There are NYU dining hall all around the campus to ensure that everyone observes proper eating hours, and have access to nutritional food. The university encourages every student to apply for a meal plan which can be served with the use of a debit or debit card.

Here is a quick guide on these NYU restaurants:

Peet’s Coffee. Located on the second floor of Kimmel Center, this cozy coffee shop offers a comforting ambiance for utmost concentration or relaxation. Sip on a coffee or tea, or enjoy delicious baked treats while dining in. The café accepts all types of payments from meal plan swipes to real cash.

● Kosher. This hidden gem is situated in Upstein. It follows the Jews’ dietary laws known as kashrut. Safe to say that it is recognized as a certified “Glatt Kosher” eatery inside NYU. The restaurant offers an “all-you-care-to-eat” dining experience for its students which can be paid with the meal plan stubs.

Starbucks. Everyone’s cherished coffee is only a few steps away from everyone’s favoritehang out place, Washington Square. While it may feel like the ideal spot for a quick study getaway, it is always packed with crowds and might be challenging to concentrate.

The Market. A busy schedule for students also calls for a quick snack, and The Market can answer their heeds. It is an average convenience store that offers a wide array of light meals and drinks. The line can pile up during busy hours, but it still delivers the “fast” in fast food.

● Dunkin Donuts. Another crowd favorite is on 14th street. It is the perfect stop for a quick perk me up. Dunkin Donuts has various flavors of iced coffee for an energy surge or savory sweet donuts. Try to stay clear of the place during the mornings because the line can get pretty disturbing.

● Lipton Dining Hall. Students can opt to dine at Lipton Dining Hall. It is one of NYU dining halls that offer healthier options for vegans, vegetarians, or those who have a gluten-free diet. The restaurant also caters food options for all ethnicities. It even acquired HSFAA (Halal Standards Food Association of America), the highest certification for diners that offer Halal food. The food selection in Lipton ranges from pizzas to salad bars, to kinds of pasta and take-outs. It accepts all types of payments for dining dollars to debit and credit cards.

● 18 Below. 18 Below is the newest restaurant in NYU dining halls. It is situated in the lower level of the Torch towers. Dining here somehow exudes elegance as a pop-up restaurant. The diner is open only during lunch hours, and guests get to enjoy the chef’s current specialty while having the convenience of eating in a fast-food restaurant.

Whether you are out for a quick grab or an exceptional dining experience, NYU dining halls cater to all palates. Students would never get hungry as long as they are staying with New York University. It also enables students to have a taste of anything their heart desires with the convenience of a quick swipe using their meal plans.

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