Witch Hazel For Warts

Folk Warts Treatment

The appearance of warts manifests contagious viral diseases; they are caused by DNA - containing the papillomata’s virus. Infection occurs with reduced immunity, microtraumas, and some other factors. Particular medications help get rid of the appeared warts.

Warts Are Divided Into Several Types, And Each Is Manifested In Its Way:

Vulgar warts appear more often in childhood, up to 15 years. Localized in the fingers, on the back and the palmar sides of the hands. On other parts of the body and the mucous membranes, such vulgar warts become filamentous papillomata.

Juvenile flat warts also begin to appear in childhood, on the face and back of the hands.

Plantar warts are localized in those places where the action of the press on the skin.

Treatment of this type of warts takes place in a clinical setting using the method of destruction. But today there are other ways of treating warts; they can be used, for example, in the treatment of this disease in children. Such drugs are divided into groups of certain medications. These are necrotizing, for cry therapy, antiviral, immune.

Necrotizing drugs, these are “Condoling,” “Cord line Nicomedia,” “Veer ukase,” etc.

At the heart of cry therapy, available at home, is an alternative refrigerant, which includes propane and propylene - dimethyl ether. Warts when using cry therapy are effectively frozen.

Of catalytic, drugs, melting properties, recommended “Koll Omak,” providing additional antiseptic effect and anti-inflammatory. This medicine can treat warts in children from one year old.

Warts have all the properties of contagious diseases, and especially the ability to relapse. When using any method of eliminating blemishes, it is necessary to treat the damaged place with antiviral drugs. For example, Virus-Mertz Gel.

The best result in the treatment of warts is achieved with therapy aimed at restoring the immune system. The following drugs are recommended for use during the treatment period: immunomodulators: Inferno, Abdiel, Definite, and immune stimulants: Imus nomad, Imanol, Rib communal.

Recommended intake of vitamins during treatment of warts, for example: “Perfectible,” “Alphabet,” “Revealed.”

To get rid of such a misfortune as warts, it is necessary to observe personal hygiene, remember about the possibility of repeated relapses, and monitor the condition of the skin. Infection with warts can occur not only as a result of contact with the patient but also through everyday objects.

Treatment Of Warts Folk Remedies

In folk medicine, there are quite a few ways to treat human warts. There are simple, complex, even a bit strange ones, consider:

- Mix crushed garlic with melted pork fat, soak a rag, which is to stick to the wart. Change this “compress” need daily

- Raw onion peeled scales, split in half, soak in vinegar for two hours. At night, tie the bulb to the wart. Perform

 This technique several times until the “release” of the mole with the root.

- Powder or rub the wart with chalk (without any impurities).

- Daily rub the wart with juice squeezed out of sour apples.

- When a new month appears in the sky at night, cut a branch from the tree with a knife, and looking (not looking up) for a month, rub the wart at the cut point.

- Grate the wart in half sliced raw potato. Roll up the potato pieces in a rag and bury them in the manure. It is believed that when the tubers rot, warts will disappear.

- Using a thin silk thread, tie a wart and tie a knot on it. After that, carry the thread to a pile of manure and bury. Doctors say that as soon as the thread rots, warts in a person will disappear.

- Cut off a piece of raw pork meat, rub it with a wart. No one, without confessing, takes the chicken to the garden and bury. The next day, dig up the pork meat and smear the mole again, then hide it again. On the third day, dig up the chicken and rub the wart with it for the last time, take the meat to the damp place (near the well, under the house’s drain) and bury in the wet ground. It is said that when the beef rots, warts will go away.

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