What Is Outpatient Rehab For Alcohol

Outpatient rehabilitation is the main and most accessible form for continuing recovery.

Outpatient rehabilitation is aimed at patients who have retained or regained control over social behavior or in other words have the ability and desire to maintain the structure of the rehabilitation program without leaving home and their workplace for a long time.

The patient and his relatives need to schedule a visit to the doctor and come for a free consultation.

Then within the framework of an individual program, the patient chooses one or another course of treatment that helps to achieve the desired results.

Elements of this rehabilitation include:

block of pharmacotherapy that helps to cope with the consequences of addiction on the physical and psychological levels.

psychotherapeutic sessions and conversations in a group and individual format serving as a resource base for the formation of a successful and sober lifestyle.

family meetings within the framework of the treatment course helping to achieve mutual understanding and common strategies in the development of relationships.

Outpatient Rehab For Alcohol

The dynamic supervision of a team of specialists and support in the development of treatment methods help the patient to gain the ability to cope with those problems that he is no longer able to endure.

Analyzing your habits and relationships for hidden threats that may appear in the course of normal activity help prevent breakdown and relapse of addiction.

Among the expected results are the preservation and maintenance of social and family status strengthening of the personal resource for successful adaptation to difficult social situations as well as the formation and maintenance of therapeutic remission of addiction diseases.

The final stage of complex treatment but not the last one is inpatient rehabilitation.

Inpatient rehabilitation is focused on round-the-clock assistance to a patient who is in serious condition due to the use of psychoactive substances and is not able to independently attend doctor’s appointments.

The clinical hospital meets the needs for multilateral multidisciplinary and comprehensive patient support in the rehabilitation process in order to maintain the achieved positive changes in the fight against addiction.

Here a comprehensive examination and observation is carried out with the possibility of applying a wide range of medical care.

Treatment is based on an individual scheme with the choice of the duration and intensity of the rehabilitation program which involves deep and thorough work with a narcologist psychotherapist psychologist and chemical addiction counselor.

Together with the addict’s family, a therapeutic plan is created for the formation of a therapeutic locus of control which allows restoring and building lost relationships and mutual understanding.

The planned result of inpatient treatment is the provision of comprehensive assistance for interrupting the use of psychoactive substances ( alcohol drugs other psychoactive substances ) stabilization of the psychological and physical condition normalization of family relations as well as preparation for the transition to an outpatient type of treatment and observation.

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