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The fact that addiction is a disease has been known for a long time but to this day many perceive alcoholics and drug addicts as moral monsters rather than people suffering from the disease. Society looks at addicts with a biased view most often an alcoholic hears something like “hey you! Just control yourself. “

Healthy people forget that the essence of addiction is precise that the patient cannot control himself in relation to the object of addiction. It must be remembered that drug addiction or alcoholism will not heal on its own just as hepatitis or diabetes will not disappear from self-control. Prejudice against addicts deprives them of the chance for a normal life just as lack of insulin kills a diabetic. In addition, the loved ones of the patient are also under attack. What they experience is called codependency and in the future often leads to a full-fledged addiction. To avoid common misconceptions you should know the following about addiction:

the disease does not necessarily manifest itself in an endless marathon or constant binges. The main symptom of addiction is loss of control - the patient cannot refuse to take a dose or a shot of vodka. The process is gradual: alcoholism can develop for decades drug addiction - over several years and sometimes months. Each time the dose increases the periods of sobriety are shortened. In the final the patient thinks only about alcohol or drugs - everything else does not make sense. The addict may understand that he is destroying his life but in the end, he will “console himself” with drugs or alcohol.

any addiction is a disease that remains for life. There are no ex-alcoholics or drug addicts. Even if the patient has not drunk for 10 - 20 years one glass of vodka or a glass of wine is unacceptable. “Very little” and “very rarely” will soon turn into constant drunkenness as the addiction has not gone anywhere. A comparison with diabetes is permissible here: by limiting himself a diabetic can live a full life but a violation of the diet will lead to an increase in blood sugar since diabetes itself has remained with the patient all this time. Even a small breakdown is unacceptable for an alcoholic or drug addict. In addition for a person with addiction, the use of any psychoactive substances is prohibited until the end of his life.

All such patients have a weak immunity to addiction as such. A cured addict has every chance of becoming an alcoholic or a gambling addict and so on. The most important thing regarding the incurability of addiction is the fact that no one in the whole world will teach the patient to control himself in the doses of alcohol. If you are promised that after the “miracle procedure” the patient will start drinking alcohol “like everyone else” or “in moderation” - they deliberately lie to you.

addiction is a developing disease. The further - the more there are no other options. And each breakdown is worse than the previous one.

they die from this disease. Addiction kills both by the direct action of chemical elements on the body and indirectly. Drunken fights speeding overdoses - the list is endless. There are widely known cases when people in a state of alcoholic intoxication simply froze in winter snowdrifts not realizing what was happening.

addiction can be controlled. This requires the patient’s will to recover the help of psychologists and relatives. Just as a family is sweet - a diabetic will not be on the table with foods with sugar so in the circle of an alcoholic there will be no alcohol in glasses. Many patients do not believe in themselves but the positive example of our other patients those with whom the addict meets at NA or AA meetings really helps. The specialists of the Victory rehabilitation center will not only help to cope with the problem but will also show that existence without dependence is not “boring sobriety” - it is a bright and fulfilling life.

Having undergone the correct treatment a person will not cease to be addicted however neither alcohol nor drugs will no longer be the master of his fate.

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