Stages Of Addiction Treatment

Drug addiction is one of the most dangerous forms of addiction for health and life. According to statistics, the average life expectancy after the start of regular use of psychoactive substances is 5-7 years. Only professional drug treatment can help patients stay healthy and stop taking substances. You can apply for it at our clinic in St. Petersburg.

We use modern treatment and rehabilitation schemes for patients with any type and degree of drug addiction. Those who want to get rid of their cravings for drugs forever are placed in a comfortable closed rehabilitation center.

Stages of addiction treatment

Any addiction requires an integrated approach to treatment because voluntarily giving up psychoactive substances will not work. With drug addiction after the second dose physical dependence is formed. The lack of new doses causes serious disturbances in the work of internal organs which is why withdrawal occurs - a painful condition accompanied by pain mental abnormalities disruption of the heart liver and kidneys. Even after overcoming withdrawal symptoms, psychological dependence persists. Any event in the life of a drug addict can lead to a breakdown.

Our clinic practices a comprehensive approach to drug addiction therapy which includes five stages:

Cleansing the body from the decay products of narcotic substances.

Removal of withdrawal symptoms.

Restoration of the psychological and physiological state.

Coding with the use of medicines.

Rehabilitation and socialization in a rehabilitation center.

Important! Each stage of addiction treatment is conducted anonymously. We do not transfer data about the state of health and the methods of treatment used to third parties. If desired the patient can be called a fictitious name.

Five reasons why you should contact us for help in drug addiction treatment:

Urgent assistance. The narcologist on duty will come to the call at any time of the day. If necessary emergency assistance is provided at home further treatment takes place in the clinic under the constant supervision of specialists.

An integrated approach. We do not leave our patients alone with their problems. At every stage of recovery, we offer qualified assistance - from eliminating unpleasant symptoms to assist in restoring documents or getting a job.

Guaranteed result. We use modern drugs and techniques that work for all patients who have realized drug problems. More than 90% of those who have completed the full course of therapy in our rehabilitation center do not experience cravings for psychoactive substances.

Maintaining anonymity. Each patient can be sure that his stay in the clinic and rehabilitation center will remain a secret. Upon admission to us, you can call yourself a fictitious name.

Transparent and flexible prices. We practice an individual approach to patients. You can choose a method of treatment that suits your needs. It is possible to pay for services in installments.

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