Top Rated Android Applications For the Betterment of Your Child

If you are going to handover your child a new phone and you want it turns out to be entertaining, enlightening and effective for him or her then you must check out some wonderful applications that are for kids. These apps are proven to be the finest and most loved.

In case you are thinking where you would get the apps from then you can download the third party play store 9apps Apk and this platform would promise you all the apps that you desire for. You just search it there and it would be there for you to download and install free of cost.

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

You should begin with an app that has a simple function and that is to teach your child how to write the letters of alphabet. The ABC Kids application imparts your little one to write alphabet and learn to pronounce these. The application is pleasant with colourful pictures and fun phonic sounds that your children will love. Get this app once your kid is going to kindergarten. It really proves helpful. Certainly when kids are always after grabbing the phone then why not hand this the phone and open this app for them? It would make them better at their learning.The coolest thing is that this application has no ads and it makes it wonderful for younger kids.

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame

Breathe, Think, Do with Sesame is another amazing Children’s Android app in the Store. This is an app that teaches what you want your kid to become! The app, in a fun way, instructs the child to help a sesame street member feel relaxed and think about how to solve an issue. In short, the platform also shows your child the strategy of Sesame Street of “Breather, Think and Do” for issues -solving. The app also encompasses tips and other useful resources that can assist in problem-solving.

Angry Birds Space

In case your kids are bored of the original Angry Birds, try the fresh Angry Birds Space version. It introduces the kids to creative and cool concepts such as gravity, solar system, and that of fictitious cold planets such as Utopia! The game app has more than 300 levels set in intergalactic playground, having each level more challenging than the previous one, all the thanks goes to   the game-changing gravitational pull feature found in it. This game would entertain and enlighten your child in a creative manner.

 Moose Math

Ah, Math is a subject that most of the kids dread. Once classroom teaching does not help your child get good or better at math, a fun application could do the trick. Moose Math by Duck-Duck Moose is a fun and wonderful app that uses interesting, real-life objects to instruct the early math to kids. The concepts are introduced to kid in the shape of a story and that makes learning practical and pleasurable. The app is an effective tool to get your kid to practice math.

Thus, these are a few of the many spectacular and kid’s friendly applications that would make them better in their life. You must download them in their device.

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