Top 6 Reasons to Get into Medical Billing and Coding

Medical coding profession is the next big thing in the healthcare industry. It is an employment opportunity which is growing in leaps and bounds.

The service of medical coders is highly required by the doctors, healthcare experts and insurance agencies. The medical coders have the task to translate medical reports, lab findings and doctors’ notes into smart alphanumeric codes. This helps to shorten large chunks of information related to healthcare treatment, surgical procedures and services into a smart, compiled document in universally accepted smart codes ICD-10-CM, CPT®, and HCPCS Level II). 

Contribute to healthcare industry and join the league of medical coders. Enjoy being in a job that gives you satisfaction, has a high salary and has a high growth potential.

Take up medical coding course at AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) approved training institutes to get international certifications. 

What are Top 6 Reasons to get into Medical Billing and Coding?

There are quite many reasons to consider the highly rewarding career of a medical coder. The top 6 have been highlighted in this write-up:

Reason # 1: Dearth of Coders Leading to High Demand

Demand – is perhaps the most important aspect for a job seeker. As of now, there is a shortage of technical personnel who have the certification in international code sets required for medical billing and coding. The number of job opportunities in US is expected to rise by 50% in coming year. Asian and European countries reflect the same picture. 

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Reason # 2: The Ever Growing Healthcare Needs

Healthcare industry is on a boom. The baby boomer generation have become old and they require medical attention. There is a mismatch between the requirement of healthcare sector and availability of internationally trained coders who can help out with the documentation of large medical reports and facilitate the processing of insurance claims. 

Reason #3: The Fat Pay Cheque

Medical coders are paid well. Medical coding salary is higher than the industry average. A newcomer in the profession can expect a salary of $40,000 and over. Certified coders are paid better than non-certified coders. 

Reason #4: World of Opportunities

As a new kid on the block, the profession of medical coding is the perfect entry-level springboard towards newer and brighter opportunities. You can consider your candidature for other roles/ jobs in healthcare sector later on. 

Reason # 5: Short-Span Training for a Long-term Career

If you are a science graduate and have knowledge of human anatomy, you can be a medical coder by enrolling in a short duration certification course in medical coding. The minimum time is 5 months. The span extends to 2 years if you want to get a degree in medical coding. 

Reason #6: Work from Home

Once you have acquired the knack of medical coding and billing in an office set-up, you can continue your job right from the comfort of home. This justifies why part-time job aspirants, home makers, and speech and hearing impaired people are considering their eligibility for medical coding course. Medical coding is the perfect example of profitable freelancing job. 

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