Three Stages of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition of carrying a baby in womb, as all are aware that females are pregnant only. The period of pregnancy consists about 36-40 weeks then there is a birth.During pregnancy there are three stages as first, second and third trimester. The First trimester has about 12 weeks, the second starts from 13th and stops at28th whereas the final stage ends at the baby’s birth.

First Trimester

Changing in Beginning

In the beginning, first trimester causes several changes in body. The effect of hormonal changes are here to affect all organs’ system in females’ body. Thus, by undergoing these all changes the symptoms of pregnancy appear. Indeed, when females’ period is stopped it is really very clear sign of being pregnant.

Emotional and physical changes

During the first trimester, women experience different types of strange changing and all mothers must have been experienced so. Old ladies know very well that women feel like eating such things for examples lime, clay, betel nuts, chewing gum, chocolate and sourest foods; it is called strange craving. Secondly, extreme fatigue, having swollen tits, nipples can stick out, often making water, headache, morning sickness, mood swings, constipation and heartburn are experienced.

Daily Routine Changes

Experiencing the first trimester, females face some changes in daily routine. For example they go to bed early at night, have no enough foods and give no proper time for chores. If any female has already been pregnant before, she will not have the same problem as others have who are experiencing it for the first time.

Baby after 4 Weeks

Fortunate women become mummy, at the end of first month, backbone’s core and brain of baby are to be formed. At this stage, heart, arms and leg buds are to be appeared. In the womb it can be seen by ultrasound.

Baby after 8 Weeks

Every major organ and outer body structure is formed, heartbeat starts regularly, arms and legs increase, toes and fingers to be created, appearance of gender, eyelids and umbilical cord is easily visible. At this time baby’s weight is about 3.54g.

Baby after 12 Weeks

Muscles and nerves start working together. Now baby can move fingers and it is easily known that is the baby girl or boy and this time head growth is shown. Thus, baby is three inches long having weight about 28g.

Second Trimester

Female Condition in This Trimester

Many females express that second trimester is not harder than first. At this stage sign of tiredness lowers. Females feel body pain, stretch marks on body, dark nipples, dark patches on skin, swelling body or usually fingers.

Baby at 16 weeks

The first bowel movement of baby is there, tissues of muscle and bones are ready to be formed and skin as well. On the other hand, baby is about 5 inches containing weight about 85g.

Baby after 20/24 Weeks

In this condition, females feel fluttering due to the activity of baby. This time eyelashes, eyebrows and fingernail form. At 24 weeks, blood cells are formed by bone marrow, fingerprints and footprints are formed. Head, lungs and hand are formed. Now baby is able to sleep and get up.

Third Trimester

Changes in Woman in Final Trimester

Some difficulties can also be experienced in this situation which have already been undergone in the second trimester. At this time, body gets more weight that is why more burden can be experienced due to baby’s growth. No worries!This problem can be away after giving birth.

Changes in Emotion and Physique

Having tender breasts, trouble to get sleep, breathing problem and some burden in belly due to the movement of baby can be experienced.Secondly, colostrum problem occurs and stomach sticks out.

Baby at Final Stage

Baby’s bones are completely formed, eyes are able to open, lungs are ready and complete breathing is there. Now the birth of baby is going to take place. At the end of the 40th week females give birth. Make sure the weight of baby is about 6 to 9 pounds whereas healthy babies have different weights.

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