The Top Best Things to Do in Phoenix

Located in the southwest U.S.A Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona.  The phoenix city I famous for its year round sun and warm temperatures. It is home to a sprawling metropolitan area called the sun.  Phoenix is renowned for its high-end resorts. It also among its features has a desert botanical garden that displays cacti and numerous ancient plants. Below we look at some of the best things to do in Phoenix if you are planning on visiting the city any time soon.

•    The Botanical Desert Garden

To many people, finding plants in a desert might seem odd. However, it will surprise you to know that Phoenix boasts of thousands of species of cacti, trees, and flowers from around the globe.  The garden has brightly colored plants that contrast the buttes and hiking trails sharply. The windflower in Maxwell desert is going to allow you to experience the natural wonders in the region.  Numerous events get hosted in the garden. Among them, culinary demonstrations and outdoor concerts. Most people who visit the garden, term it fascinating and recommend highly seeking exhibits when available. Some reviewers made suggestions about visiting the sun sets to see the beautiful garden illumination. 

•    Camelback Mountain

The highest peak in Phoenix is the Camelback Mountain. It also makes the list of the most picturesque hiking spots in the city.  Elevated at a feat of about 2700 feet, the summit of the mountain offers fantastic views of the phoenix city and is accessible from 1.2 miles. The Chola trail on the east side of the hill provides you with a slightly easier trek.  It gives a more gradual incline up to the top of the mountain. The people who visited the hill recently agreed that the journey up the hill is well worth the views. 

  • Musical Instrument Museum

Downtown 20 miles north of Phoenix lies a musical instrument museum.  The many ancient musical instruments are over 6000 invite visitors from across the world. The first floor of the Museum contains concert footage, renowned musicians’ clothes and much more.  The first floor will also provide you with an opportunity to see how musical instruments are preserved and stored in the first-floor conservation lab. After that, you will then get accorded a rare experience of playing the device in the experience gallery. The upper floor contains rooms that get divided according to geographical regions.  Each room on this floor offers a unique collection of musical instruments. Instruments in each section get accompanied by audio streaming and videos of musical instruments being played to assist them in getting into a cultural context. 

•    The phoenix Zoo

If you are looking to enjoy nature without any boredom, then you should visit the Phoenix Zoo.  The zoo is home to a variety of animals amongst them baboons, Sumatran tigers, Asian elephants, and Komodo dragons.  Carry with your young kids so that they can enjoy face time encounter with animals lie giraffes in the red ban petting zoo. 

•    Phoenix Art Museum

The phoenix museum is the largest art museum in the south west it contains more than  1800 art works. The permanent collection of the phoenix museum caters a wide variety of tastes.  The museums also welcome top-notch traveling exhibits. This museums too, offer unique places for kids like the youth oriented activities.  Phoenix art museum recent visitors praised the size of the Museum and its appealing layout. If you are in the region and looking for something to do in Phoenix, then you should find this Museum useful.

•    Heard Museum 

If you are a fan of history and looking for something to do in Phoenix, then you will need to take advantage of the spectacular exhibits in the  Heard art Museum. The Heard Museum in the Phoenix is regarded by many as one of the most excellent native art museums in America. The original residents of  Arizona get introduced comprehensively by the Museum. The pre-Colombian helps the art contemporary and the various traditional artifacts. The Heard Museum best conveys the natural life of Americans in the southwest.

•    Golf course

  If you are a golf person touring Arizona and looking for something to do in Phoenix, then you should Phoenix golf courses right for you.  Even though Phoenix Location is at the center of a desert, the town is fast emerging as a premier golf destination. The sun’s valley acts as a home to difficulty level courses starting from beginners to experts. 

Conclusion Phoenix is arguably one of the places to visit in America. If you intend to tour America, then you will surely find something to do in Phoenix.

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