Tea Tree Oil For Scalp Fungus

Tea tree leaves are used not only to create a favorite drink, but they also make natural essential oil from them, which has found broad application in cosmetology, as well as in medicine. It can be found in the compositions of various lotions and gels from acne. But it became particularly famous for the treatment of dandruff and other diseases of the scalp and hair. Tea tree oil can now be purchased at almost any pharmacy in the free market. It is relatively inexpensive, but it also has a powerful effect on the scalp and fungus, which causes dandruff. But using only tea tree oil may not be enough. Using a complex treatment is necessary.

In ancient times, Aboriginal tribes made tea from this fragrant plant, from which this name appeared. Since in the places of its growth various infectious diseases are very common, they used to be treated with tea tree oil. Many people in the old days made oil to get rid of flaking on the scalp, which in our time is called dandruff. Also, this tool correctly strengthens hair follicles, making them healthier. Among other things, this oil is well struggling with the excessively oily skin of the scalp, normalizing the work of the sebaceous glands.


Tea tree oil is made exclusively from the young and fresh leaves of this beautiful and useful plant. It consists of forty valuable components! The oil has powerful antibacterial properties, especially in the treatment of dandruff. It effectively fights the fungus on the scalp and kills deadly viruses. Constant dandruff can lead to the fact that the hair will be weak, and then wholly begin to fall bundles. Therefore, this tool is now actively used by girls for dandruff and loss. It is included in many shampoos for dandruff and irritation of the scalp. But you can buy it in a pharmacy in its pure form, add to the purchased or self-made masks based on other oils.

Effective Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

One of the most effective shampoos with tea tree oil can be called shampoo from the company Broken. But basically, it can only be ordered via the Internet. Manufacturers write that it relieves itching and removes peeling after several uses. Additionally, it has a stimulating effect on the scalp. It contains a lot of herbal extracts. When applied, the shampoo acts like menthol in toothpaste: refreshes and tones the skin.

It has a mild composition that is suitable even for people with sensitive skin. The shampoo gives hair volume, pleasant and healthy shine, and also creates a protective sheath and protects against the re-excessive spread of the fungus, which causes dandruff. Thanks to him, hair will grow stronger and healthier. Tea tree oil also has anti-aging properties. It also helps with dandruff on the eyebrows.

Since you can only get a burn because the components in it are in high concentration. But in any case, you must first try to apply the diluted oil on your hand to determine if you are allergic to it. If you do not want to make masks for the head and spend a lot of time on this, then for the treatment of dandruff it will be enough to add two drops of this wonderful product to your palm with shampoo. This amount will be enough to achieve a good and lasting effect of treatment against dandruff and hair loss.

Any essential oil before applying to the scalp must be diluted with base oil, for example, burdock or olive. Burdock oil is preferable to use, as it allows you to deal with additional hair loss effectively. Also, it is actively used to make hair shine with health and radiate beauty. To prepare an anti-dandruff oil mask, take half a cup of burdock oil and add three drops of tea tree essential oil to it.

After that, using a special brush, apply the composition to the scalp and the entire length of hair. With this mask, you need to walk around for about thirty minutes, after which your hair should be thoroughly rinsed with a good shampoo. Applying this method two or three times a week will help you get rid of dandruff for a long time. But do not think that this is enough. Using all the tools in the complex is necessary. Using shampoo against dandruff and fungus in parallel is essential. Only, in this case, you can achieve a stable result. After application, you can rinse your hair with an infusion of nettle, which additionally will have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Oil Reviews

Reviews of this tool from girls who use it for a long time are positive. Many people like to add a little oil to the shampoo to achieve the maximum effect. Some people prefer to make masks more, as they are more effective. At the same time, tea tree oil penetrates deep into the scalp and quickly relieves fungus, which often causes annoying dandruff. Many say that after the first use of shampoo or mask, the oily skin of the scalp is eliminated, it stops itching and itching. Also, the oil has a cooling effect, so it is beneficial to apply it to the scalp. You will immediately feel a pleasant chill.

The main thing to remember: tea tree oil, although it contains a large number of antibacterial substances, but becomes most effective after applying for two to three weeks. You can add to shampoo and other essential oils; two drops are enough. This useful procedure also pleasantly relaxes or tones, depending on your chosen essential oil. Also, tea tree oil helps with dandruff on the eyebrows.

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