Tall People and Medical Equipment

Tall people can have a hard time finding proper shirts, pants, and medical supplies, since they are of a different height than the average person. Sometimes, they can even have trouble fitting through a doorway. There are other times also that being tall can turn out to be a pain in the neck. For instance, imagine a person who is tall needed to use a bariatric wheelchair. He wouldn’t always be able to use any wheelchair, because his lanky legs would hang over the end, and when someone would push him or when he would push himself, his feet would drag along the floor. This can be very uncomfortable, and even painful. It can cause bruising and other unfortunate happenings.

For this reason, some medical supplies companies have specific products that cater to tall people. For example, there are canes that are called “tall canes;” they are taller in height than standard canes, and therefore are more applicable for use by lanky people who stand heads and shoulders above a crowd. It can actually be very awkward to be tall; not everyone enjoys being able to be spotted easily at all times.

The truth is, it’s all a matter of perspective. Aside from the concept of tall being based on the perspective that such is average and such is above that, there is also the fact that loving one’s tall status or hating it is all based on one’s perspective. If one is a positive person, it is quite likely that he’ll enjoy being tall, and if one is a chronic complainer, his height will just be one more thing to kvetch about. Luckily, there are medical equipment available for tall people, so in extenuating circumstances, even the tallest among us shouldn’t have a problem with that.

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