Review of Wealthy Affiliate Program: For an Online Business

Getting the right training and education for online business requires you to sometimes transverse murky waters. That is why when a program lands in your lap; you need to make sure that it will not be a waste of your time and money.

Read this Wealthy Affiliate review as it assesses if the training platform equips you for financial independence with an online business.

·How Did Wealthy Affiliate Start?

Back in 2005, Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim decided to teach people how to duplicate their successes with financial wealth. They initiated an entrepreneurial training community that instructs people with educational infrastructure.  They also give the tools and resources for managing a blue-ribbon online business.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) approaches marketing in a way that favors customers. Entrepreneurs have to create a service that the public will find irresistible. You cannot compel people to like it.

·Working Style at Wealthy Affiliate

WA focuses on providing information about online business and web marketing. The work ethos is honesty, practicality and ethical practices.

The platform is community-based, who give CEOs all the support to build, maintain and grow their online businesses. As they grow, the members continue to learn from each other and sharpening their web skills.

·Key Features in Wealthy Affiliate

The key elements that Wealthy Affiliate offers are:

  • WA has an extensive training video library with more than 300 hours of teaching.  The content is always up-to-date and has instructions about how to focus on affiliate marketing.
  • WA offers advanced tools for hosting and creating websites. Members can access hundreds of tools to develop site content (themes, graphics, designs, etc). Also available are domain and hosting services, which users can employ to evaluate ranking, niches, and figure out low-competition domains.
  • Mentorship is the principal facet of the support that users will receive from the community.
  • Users will learn as they earn. Immediately you sign up, you can become an affiliate to the member who is mentoring you and receive income from promoting his or her site.

§  Strengths

1.Types of Membership

Users can choose between a free and premium membership. The Free Membership introduces new users to WA services, and informs them that the real benefits lie in Premium Membership.

 Premium Membership begins with a week’s trial. Users get unlimited access to the founders and the full community of online business experts.

2.Video Library

Members have use of the training library that has more than 300 hours of teaching videos.

3.Monetize the Skills You Learn

Users learn how to create commercial websites with top-notch content and optimized ranks. They will learn to hone many different skills, including web advertising, web design, and social media management. After mastering them, users can offer them as a business service and charge fees to the online stores that they will serve.

§  Shortcomings

  1. The wealth that allows you to meet your financial obligations comfortably, will probably arrive after a long period.
  2. The program is a challenge for people who have short attention spans. The WA approach takes time and consistency to build a fortune and you may lose the focus of the website upkeep.
  3. The community environment might fall short. They may deviate from mentoring users about how to make their website more efficient in establishing affiliations. Mentors may prod the users to promote affiliate links more, than how to grow their business.


Entrepreneurs can use Wealthy Affiliate quite successfully if they plan for a long-term implementation for their business. Wealthy Affiliate gives you what it honestly says it will. You will use innovative technology and thousands of simple yet attractive designs to build a powerful online brand. If you remain consistent, you will eventually become prosperous.

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