Realizing That A Normal Body Weight Means A Better Health

Understanding that your excess weight is not normal and that your body is not good as it is, represents a big step forward. While it is always a good thing to love yourself as you are and not to be judgmental about the way you look, the desire to lose weight should not be a matter that is strictly connected to aesthetics. It is well known that overweight and obese people are exposed to a set of illnesses. The risks for them to develop diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems, vascular problems, and so on, is significantly higher than in the case of a person that has a normal weight. So, you really don’t have to look like a model but have the weight that will allow you to have a better and healthier life.

  • Always put your health first

While a few extra pounds are not harmful, giving you slightly curvier body shapes, ending up being overweight or obese will become a risk for your health. And we all have to realize that health is our most valuable gift. Just like when choosing to eat healthy, to avoid toxins, and so on, choosing to have a normal body weight is also something we do for our health. Excess weight puts pressure not just on our joints, making them get worn sooner than they should, as it also works out our most important organs, like the heart, liver, and kidneys. Also, there is no such thing as “big boned” people. Our bones can’t grow larger than they are genetically programmed. But, the fat tissue of our body can because the skin is elastic and it can adjust to the growing sizes of fat deposits. Thus, the bones are the same in normal weighed people and overweight people, the only difference is that in the last case, they end up carrying a much bigger weight.

  • Finding the best weight loss plan

This is not an easy task and it shouldn’t be treated lightly either. It doesn’t matter whether you are overweight or obese, as you shouldn’t start any diet you come across the Internet. Many diets published on the Internet can be dangerous, as they are not provided after a medical assessment of your health condition. Thus, it is always best to talk to your doctor or nutritionist when it comes to following a diet. A diet should only be recommended by a doctor is the HCG diet, as it is based on a human hormone. So, your doctor will prescribe the treatment with this hormone, so your body can lose weight in an effective and safe manner at the same time. This particular diet is composed out of several phases. So, if the 1st phase is rather permissive, the HCG phase 2 diet plan is a bit more challenging. But, at the same time, it is an exciting phase, as during phase 2 you will start losing weight in a significant and visible manner. In case none of the diets you followed worked, perhaps it is time to talk to your doctor about the HCG diet.

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