Mike Westerdal & Critical Bench Review

Mike Westerdal Review

Mike Westerdal PicThe Critical Bench has been created by Mike Westerdal who is a certified personal trainer, author and a former football player. He also performed his duties as a football coach in Europe and his services are always remembered. He completed his BS from the University of CT State and was rewarded with a certificate by the American Council on Exercise.

Being a writer, he has contributed a large number of articles and other informative stuff for various well-known magazines such as Monster Muscles and REPS. You can find his articles on a great number of websites which are visited by millions of people every day who are benefited with the research and writing work of Mike Westerdal.

What is Critical Bench?

critical bench program Gaining bench press strength is a difficult task and most of the people don’t find it possible to achieve it without the help of a trainer. The Critical Bench is an exclusive program created to help those want to improve their ability to do bench press but can’t afford to hire the services of an expert trainer.

The Critical Bench will help you get your target just in 10 weeks for which you will be taught everything you need. An average man can gain up to 50 pounds of bench press while someone with long arms can get 400+pound of bench press.

What Can You Learn in This Program?

  • When you get access to the critical bench program, you will learn each and everything step that you need to take in order to achieve an ideal bench press. You will be required to follow a preplanned ten weeks schedule which also includes your dieting routines and workouts.
  • Once you understand this program and begin following it with proper form and steps, you will soon realize that you are improving your weak points slowly and gradually. This is not just about following diet but you will learn about some very amazing forms and techniques for doing your bench presses so you can get maximum benefits in less time.
  • If you are having heavy weight lifting session, you must follow a warming up session before it to avoid serious injuries. Moreover, you will learn about the preventive measures to avoid injuries in the future.
  • A large number of weight lifters does not have any idea about the correct form of bench press and thus they make mistake which is very common and if you are doing the same, it is nothing surprising. However, in this program, you will learn about the mistakes so you can grow physically and mentally.

What’s included in the Box?

Main Components

  • COMPONENT # 1: Critical Bench Program 2.0
  • COMPONENT # 2: Customized Training Logs 100-500 LBS
  • COMPONENT # 3: Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD

Free Bonuses

  • BONUS # 1: The Critical Deload Routine
  • BONUS # 2: Critical Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors
  • BONUS # 3: Critical Exercise Guide
  • BONUS # 4: In-Depth Report on Creatine’s Usage in Sports


  • 10-Week seems to be a long period for some.
  • You have to be ready to give your time for this specific purpose.
  • You need to do extra efforts to see better results.



  • The creator of this program is experienced.
  • It is an easy to follow program.
  • You don’t have to wait too long to see the improvement.
  • There is almost zero chance to get injured.
  • It is easily affable by everyone.
  • It also brings free bonuses.
  • It has come up with full money back guarantee.

Last Words – Critical Bench Scam?

The Critical Bench Program has been used by a good number of people who have achieved very good results and have given very positive comments about the effectiveness of this system. It does not seem to be scam as the users are also given full money back guarantee for sixty days.


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