John Barban & Adonis Golden Ratio Review

john barban picThe Adonis Golden Ratio has been created by John Barban who is considered to be one of the most influential fitness experts in the world with a huge circle of fans. John has helped a large number of people with their health and fitness related issues and now they are living their lives with peace, comfort and happiness. John believes that there is nothing better than to reduce the pain and sufferings of the people.

John has strong educational background. He did masters in Human Biology and Nutrition and attained a number of certificates to enhance his skills and knowledge. Some of the remarkable certificates were rewarded to him by the National Strength & Conditioning Association CSCS, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, Fitness Consultant and Ontario Kinesiology Association and American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer designation.

What is Adonis Golden Ratio?

>The Adonis Golden Ratio is a twelve weekly fat loss training program developed to help those who want to make their leanest muscles visible by shedding excessive fat stored inside their bodies. It is also known as “The Perfect Body Formula”

How Adonis Golden Radio Works?

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  • Sometime in your life, you just want someone to do everything on your behalf and you just have to set your actual target and then see the results. This is what Adonis Golden Ration does. It works as your personal trainer and does everything that you need to get an impressive and alluring body physique.
  • When you gear up the unique features of this program, you let it take various necessary steps such as the calculation of the amount of calories your body require. A wrong calculation might lead you to gain unnecessary fat and off course this is not your target which can only be prevented if you utilize reliable feature of this program.
  • Unlike the other fitness programs, this system examines your current body status to understand your actual requirement so the next steps can be taken to bring you closer to the Adonis Ratio. This will help you decide either you need to lose fat or gain fat to build muscles.

What’s Included in the Box?

12-Week Golden Ratio Training Program

It includes powerful tricks, exercises, hormonal boyd environment, exercise videos, instructions, advice and tips.

Adonis Golden Ratio Nutrition Program

In includes Meals, nutritional software, calories ratio, cheat foods, bad foods and flavorful foods.

Adonis Golden Ratio Supplementation Guide

It includes sports supplements, protein supplements, formulas and fat burner.

Free Bonuses

  1. The adonis abs and arm assault
  2. Adonis unlimited upgrades
  3. 7-day out special program


  • High intensive workouts are not easy to be performed especially for the beginners.
  • In case of having imperfect shape, you need to work harder to bring it into perfect body shape.



  • It is an easy to follow program.
  • Everything can be done very easily.
  • You don’t need to have specific skills to use this system.
  • The addition of videos has made it even easier.
  • There is complete information about the foods.
  • There are 3 free bonuses in the box.

Last Words – Adonis Golden Ratio Scam?

The Adonis Golden Ratio has been backed up by a full money back guarantee for 60 days which makes it more reliable and you will feel more secure when you intend to use it. Nothing seems to be wrong about this system as it has been very effective and helpful for a good number of people who tried this once and saw the desired results.

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