How to Potty Train a Girl

Almost everything in life requires complete guidelines, instructions and training in order to do the desired or required activity in proper manner. If you have a daughter whose age is about 3 years, you are supposed to train her to have bowel movements and making water. Some parents teach this method before their child goes to take the pre-primary classes or nursery.

It usually happens that i-year old baby does a bowel movement or piss in diaper, but letting her wear a diaper at this age is a preventive way to avoid messy house and when she reaches at 18 to 24 months, parents try to let her keep the diaper at her arm’s length and when she is 3 years old, her potty training starts.

3 ways for potty training

There are 3 major ways to potty train your girl.

1) Be joker and mocker

From the very first day of keeping your baby in toilet, say her to stand at the door and you sit on the stool. Here you need smile and show her that you are having a bowel movement or urinating. She would see you are doing this, she will understand the first step for being on the stool. This is called acting that you teach her.

2) Keep time in your mind

Most of the children have bowel movements within 24 hours whereas some of them have it after 16 to 18 hours. When your baby is not having number two within 24 to 36 hours, here you need to take her to doctor for diagnosing her constipation. You are a parent and you know when your baby discharges.

3) Go for her help

Almost all children call their parents if they are running at 3, it is seen that a few of them make strange face expression which shows that they are going for excretion. If you see such signs on your daughter’s face, you should immediately get to her to assist her as this is the greatest chance to teach her this idea.

10 further tips

In further teachings, you are suggested some tips to give training to your baby that are very knowledgeable for you. It has two parts; the first part is your behavior and the second is part is about your instructions.

1) Your Behavior

  • If your girl is insisting to be away from the stool, you need to be very placid during training that would make her behavior good too.
  • Suppose any accident occurs which makes your home messy or stinky, you should not chide your daughter.
  • Appreciate your child if she is dry at dawn.
  • Smile and be placid while training and do not get angry if training is taking long time because sometimes some children take long time to understand.
  • Keep in mind that your baby is always temperamental that sometimes she would not indicate you before having stool.

2) Your Instructions

  • As your behavior plays a very good role to teach your baby the same as it will be included during giving instructions.
  • See your child until she gets free, then say her to use toilet roll. If she can’t use, do it yourself.
  • When she sees you wiping, she will learn to do so.
  • Order her to wash hands, but before you do a practical.
  • Instruct your daughter to have a look at image book of bowel movement.

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