How to Potty Train a Boy

Teaching the methods of passing water and having bowel movements in toilet is potty training. Old moms know that a boy must be taught this process to have bowel movements or urinating at the age of 2. Many new parents are not well trained to potty train their boy. However, it is a responsibility to teach the manners if their boy is taken short.

Schooling Starts

If your boy is 2-3 year old, you are supposed to be much concerned to train him because this is the time that he is going to start his schooling. At this stage, an accident may take place during study that could be a cause of shame and you are complained of this smelly and stinky thing done by your son.

Assess your child

All mummies and papas should be responsible to know that what time their son has a bowel movement or urination. Bowel movements are not the same when it is a question of all children; some have this after 16 to 18 hours and some are taken short just after 20 to 24 hours. To be a sensible parent, you should keep an eye on his routine.

Never force him

When your son does not feel like sitting on a stool, you should not force him to be on it because this will make him stubborn and he will become naughty. Forcing your son can also cause terror in his core.

Provide a potty chair

In the beginning of your son’s training, if you provide him with a potty chair, it should be colorful and like a toy as it will definitely grab the attention of your child and he would come towards it. If the signs of getting potty out appear, it is better to make him sit on this chair.

Do not rebuke your son

If an accident happens and your floor gets messy, stinky and smelly because of his potty, never scold him harshly; instead take him to toilet to make him sit on the stool. To let him know that after a few months, you will sit on it.

Let him mimic you

At the time of entering in toilet, make up your mind to sit on your stool for three minutes with wearing shorts and guide your son to push while sitting on this. After standing up with a festive mood, make him sit or instruct him to mimic you.

Language to be sued

It happens that your child is not able to understand some difficult words that are often used by many parents. Here you have to use easy words like loo, pee, poop and potty. By and by, he will be able to understand difficult words.

Singing some words

Some people do not believe that singing some words is good to let your son have bowel movement, but majority of people agree that this activity is very important. By the way, your son should be trained within a few weeks. Do not get frustrated if it takes time because it depends on the learning knack of your son.

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