How to Build Shoulders, Arms, Chest & Leg Muscles?

The majority of men are interested in getting their muscles built fast and they go for several ways for the purpose of doing this as soon as possible. If you are in the list of those who are eager to do so, you have to take a look at this article.

Shoulders’ Muscles

  • If you are going to build your shoulder muscles, you have to lift barbells.
  • You are supposed to perform 10 rep of 6 sets every day.
  • Take rest of 20 seconds between each set.
  • It is better if you perform this workout early in the morning.
  • With the passage of time, you can increase number of sets.
  • Stop its number of sets if you have increased more than 15 sets of 10 reps.

Arms’ Muscles

  • If you are willing to build your arm muscles, your best selection comes in form of dumbbells.
  • Lifting dumbbells twice a day performing 5 sets of 10 reps, you will see muscle cut in your overall hands.
  • It is very good to take rest about 20 seconds between each set.
  • Performing this exercise while standing is ever such good.
  • Hammer curl must be performed to build your lower biceps.

Chest Muscles

  • For having attractive chest, you have to lift barbells, dumbbells and perform bench presses.
  • Stand on the floor and lift barbells that you should perform about 7 sets of 10 reps.
  • For having toned and tight chest, lie down on the bench having two dumbbells in both hands, lift from deep and perform at least 5 reps of 5 sets. Increase its number by and by.
  • you can also use the butterfly machine. Sit on this machine to stretch your chest muscles; perform about 15 reps of 5 sets in the beginning and within a couple of days you can increase its number of sets.

Leg Muscles

  • It is not a child’s play to boost your leg muscles. You have to perform leg extensions, leg press and lifting weight to grow the leg muscles.
  • Keep sitting on leg extension machine until you complete 10 reps of 5 sets. It is your best machine to get calf muscles built.
  • It is better to put weight on your calf. The weight should be 2 to 3 kg.
  • Lift your calf having this weight on it.
  • Perform 5 sets having 10 reps.
  • It will include 10 sets of 10 reps if you have performed with both calves.

Final Words

For the purpose of building your whole body muscles, you are supposed to follow these all mentioned ways. Secondly, eating healthy foods such as vegetables and meats containing much fiber, vitamin, and lots of nutrients is highly effective. Finally, you should have proper sleep, perform some social activities and have proper guidelines of your trainer.

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