Full Length Mirror Designs – Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Mirrors have been in our homes for as long as anyone can remember. Their implementation and styling might have changed over centuries. But their significance in home designs have grown even more from what it was a while ago. Modern homes and also traditional one’s employee mirrors of different kinds.

One such mirror style is the wall mirror design. This is a large tall mirror that can also be wide for any dimensions. Usually, covering most of the wall space they are used on, these create a unique aesthetic with perfect functionality too.

There are some tips and tricks that can produce best results with these full wall length mirrors. Here are some of them you should know:

Antique Full Length Mirror for Large Walls

We all know how good were and are antique wall mirrors. Floor mirror designs have gotten introduced fairly recently when compared to their antique counterparts. Antique wall style of mirrors has quite exquisite frames as well. Made out of woods or metals, these are also very long lasting.

If you have a large wall in your living room, a perfect antique mirror that may be restored can work great. Antique styled options in frames are also made new today keeping in mind those old-school colors and appearances in mind. 

However modern your interior setting in that living room might be, an antique piece will look great nevertheless. You can also create the whole design pattern around it as well if wished. Get a bronze color metallic antique frame and put furniture that matches and you have a great theme indeed.

Large Wall Mirror for the Hallway

Another great trick you can use with large wall mirror is to expand the field of view. For hallways that are cramped for space, tall but not wide, a full-length mirror can do the trick very well. This way, you will provide a good entry into the house for everyone and also maximize daylight.

As daylight entering in will be reflected onto the surrounding walls, your view will expand quite dramatically. A feeling of wideness and spaciousness will be available with such an implementation. A floating frameless mirror can look great or you can add a frame as well.

Feeling of space is usually related to how much of it we can see. A large reflective surface in the hallway presents a unique perspective of all the surroundings. A feeling of openness follows making you think the space wider than it actually is.

Put Lighting Around Your Large Decorative Wall Mirror

Decorative Wall Mirrors come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. When you have a beautiful piece, you can still do much more with it. Try putting those little LED lights on its borders. This will add meaning to the frame making it look much more attractive and purposeful.

Especially when you have plain and boring frame designs, adding that bit of extra lights can work charms. Doing this, you can improve the overall aesthetic of that particular mirror and also the wall it is on. Dressing up in front of that mirror will become much easier as well.

LED mirror lights are available in many different designs, colors and sizes. Depending on the size and style of your frame, you can need different ones. Be sure to select the ones that suit your particular design theme perfectly.

Full Length Wall Mirror for Your Dressing Area

Dressing rooms and areas are some of the most important for a lot of us. Not only do we get ready and finish our looks in front of them but also, their overall aesthetic is significant too. Dressing areas can use different styles and kinds of full-length mirrors as well.

You can go for the wall attached design or have floor mirrors in front of your dressing up wall as well. Idea is to provide yourself with a full body showing reflective surface to try all those dresses in front of. Moving back a bit, you should be able to look at your full self and make easy dressing ups a thing.

Of course, getting closer you can focus on your face or any particular area. This is where a large wall mirror with lights on its borders will also work great. Any design of frame that you have or even going frameless in the dressing up area will provide you all the benefits that you are looking for.

Make Your Home Gym More Professional

Another great tip we can give you for full wall mirrors is to have them installed in your home gyms. Usually, home gym doers neglect this application of a large mirror and end up feeling dull while working out. A full wall reflective surface is paramount in a gym whether commercial or home based.

With a full mirror in your home gym, you would be able to look at yourself while working out. Using this reflective surface, you can correct any errors in your routines as well. Best implementation is to go full wall all around with this one. If you cannot, a floor to ceiling length mirror should work second best.

Also, with large mirrored surfaces in your home gym, you would expand the field of view as well. Reflecting all light in all directions, this will provide the feeling of a wider space as well. For small home gyms, this trick can work best at all times.

Collage of Large Mirrors for Artistic Designs

When looking to create a pleasing aesthetic, a solid block of mirror is not always the first choice. You can also go for unique designs and layouts. Creating a mirror collage is a great idea for many large walls. Hallway walls or large living room ones can benefit from this idea greatly.

With this one, you will be using more than two mirrors on one wall. These can be in same designs and sizes or different ones can also work. Basically, a simple collage that will look great on any wall will provide a great aesthetic. Have them low placed on your walls and you will be able to use them as everyday mirrors as well. Artistic frames for these collage mirrors will make a good impression. Have other mirrored surfaces along with this collage to create a solid design impression. 

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