Dr. Charles aka Michael Allen & Fat Loss Factor Review

charlesThe Fat Loss Factor has been created by Dr. Charles who is a certified nutritionist, chiropractor and a prominent personal trainer. He attained doctorate in chiropractic. Some people also know him as Dr. Michael Allen but it often does not matter as his work his real identification which has been highly acknowledged at all levels at every forum.

He attained Certification as Practitioner in Chiropractic Wellness which was rewarded to him by the International Chiropractors association. He was also rewarded with anesthesia certificate while he was working with specialists in pain management anesthesia.

What is Fat Loss Factor?

Fat Loss Factor has been created and introduced by Dr. Charles to educate people about weight gain issues and teach them how to get rid of their excessive body weight by using some very simple but effective methods. Dr. Charles’s approach to weight loss has been very helpful for thousands of people to reshape their bodies and one of them is Lori who is a mom of three children and successfully lost about 90 ibs of weight.

How Does Fat Loss Factor Work?

The whole system follows 4 basic steps which are very simple to use and if you follow them properly, you can very easily achieve your target.

  • At the first stage of your training, you will use liver cleaning method. This will enable you to flush the toxins out of your body and this is really essential.
  • Learn about the foods so you can chose the best for your body as all types of foods are not healthy.
  • There are fat loss exercises which have been formulated to meet the actual fat loss requirement and once you learn about them, you don’t have to worry about the hiring gym trainers for this purpose.
  • Finally, you will learn what you have achieved with your long efforts and how successful you have been in losing weight.

Main Components of the Product

The main components of the product are as follow:

  • Component # 1: FLF eBook
  • Component # 2: Video Gallery
  • Component # 3: Foojoo Software
  • Component # 4: Grocery List
  • Component # 5: Exercises
  • Component # 6: 15 Minute Workout Routines
  • Component # 7: Measurements Form
  • Component # 8: Goal setting guide
  • Component # 9: Food Diary
  • Component # 10: Exercise Log


  • If you cannot work hard, you can’t lose weight.
  • Liver cleansing process might be a little irritating for some people.
  • There are some essential lifestyle changes which you really have to make.
  • The product is available only in digital form.


  • There are natural methods to follow in this program for maximum fat loss.
  • You can get aces from wherever you want.
  • It can be easily customized to meet each individual’s requirement.
  • The creator has suggested exclusive exercises.
  • Once you begin using this program, you will be kept fully updated about new development.

Last Words – Fat Loss Factor Scam?

This program has been backed up by full money back guarantee for sixty days and if you feel that you are not getting what you are expecting from it, you can request for a refund. Try this program without any fear of wasting your money.

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