Best WordPress plugins for Caching

WordPress is by far your best bet to get into the game of website optimization and other online solutions for enhancing your business. WordPress not only gives you a low-cost domain and a plethora of themes and other web designing options to choose from, but a plethora of additional plugins to integrate in your site.

A caching plugin is required to ensure that your website loads faster and smoother than your competitor sites. Not only does your audience base expects your site to load on their devices quickly, but it has an effect on your Google algorithm as well. Web crawlers prioritize pages with higher speed and that gives your site a better ranking in searches and an increased traffic. 

Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for caching at present. You can consult your WordPress development agency for the integration of any and all that you require from the list.  

WP Rocket

Although WP Rocket is not a free plugin, it is by far the most superlative one that WordPress offers. It is set apart from other plugins by the ease of configuration and usage. It works by minifying and compressing HTML, JavaScript and CSS files to improve page load times, applies lazy loading to images and many other features that enables fast page loading of your sites.

W3 Total Cache

Also a HTML, JavaScript and CSS compressing plugin, W3 Total Cache goes further and beyond. It addresses every aspect of your site including content delivery network integrations, and offers support for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Secure Socket Layer (SSL). 

WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache is developed and maintained by Automattic, the same team that manages WordPress itself and thus is heavily compatible with the websites. WP Super Cache plugin for caching generates static HTML pages of the website and serves up the lighter version of pages when they are accessed by a user instead of the heavier PHP scripts for easy loading. You don’t have to worry about editing PHP files or configuring .htaccess files. 

WP Fastest Cache

The free version of WP Fastest Cache functions as per the generic file compression method by creating static HTML files and reduce their sizes by minifying them. HTTP round-trips are reduced by combining multiple CSS files into one, thereby catering largely to repeat visitors. The premium and paid version comes with more features like image loading optimization, database cleanup, mobile caching and more. 

Comet Cache

The specialty of Comet Cache is that it has the feature of caching logged-in users as well. Especially if you have associated membership sites or e-commerce platforms that require users to sign in, your WordPress maintenance services company is likely to suggest Comet Cache to you. Multiple HTTP round-trips are avoided with this plugin by caching with the Apache server. Comet Cache is also compatible with leading Content Delivery Networks like CloudFront, MaxCDN and others. With this plugin, you can avoid generations of newer caches by server load monitoring and disabling of cache expiration. It gives you an insight into the site’s cache status as well, for you to take necessary measures accordingly. 

To answer the quintessential question – how much does it cost to build a WordPress website – one must consider the price of plugins as well, since they are essential to your website’s functioning. While most of them have free versions, the paid premium ones obviously brings to you a much better and efficient service. 

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