An Intelligent Approach to Weight Loss

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Like any goal in your life, accomplishing weight loss, needs to take some action. When you use, plan, do and review approach, you are basically creating a cycle which allows you to become more intelligent with time. Here is an easy, simple and green approach towards weight loss that leverage towards an intelligent approach to achieve your goals.

Approach 1: Eat Less to Weigh less

PLAN: Eat only 1 time every day for 30 days.

DO: You have just 1 meal every day for 30 days, will reduce amount of calories per day.

REVIEW: On review you will be able to realize that this has not worked, looking into reasons you find it is probably to do with body changing the metabolism to store fat.

However you don’t need to stop here, you cannot quit if you really need to realize your objectives. It is time to consider another method.

Approach 2: Eat more meals/day to Weigh less

Eat more meals whole day and lose weight.

PLAN: Just go opposite of the 1st plan and try to eat 6 meals every day for a month.

DO: Break up your meals into 6 meals with a gap of at least 3 hours.

REVIEW: On review you will realize that this approach did not work either and you will be feeling sluggish whole day. As you read more you decide that this is probably because human body zaps too much energy for digestion.

It’s not time to throw in the towel here, it’s time to use the action intelligence that you have gained.

Now it is time to throw in towel here, use action intelligence which you have gained Go for more info.

Approach 3: Eat Differently

Eat more foods that are digested easily and help you to retain energy.

PLAN: Eat raw vegan meals as much as possible such as green smoothies and salads that are essentially pre-digested and therefore don’t load your digestive system.

DO: Replace your meals with green smoothies or salads with dark leafy greens.

REVIEW: You will see that you dropped some weight, however you will feel slightly nauseous. Look into this and realize that as soon as you clean up your diet, body starts to eliminate toxins. Excess toxins in blood stream causes nausea. Experts believe it as healing crises and recommends that this will go away with time or may be sooner if you include colon hydrotherapy and enemas regularly.

At this point you ultimately seeing few positive results and decide to continue this for a month.

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