A Review of Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Course

The all-important question is, will the Amazon FBA Masterclass training equip you to success with your e-enterprise? The course is the brainchild of Kevin David, who uses his personal experience as an online entrepreneur to develop the content.

Read the Kevin David review below to see if the answer piques your interest.

The Course Has 5 Modules

The trick to a successful online business is how you drive people to your site, because, without making sales, your business will flop. Here are the modules that Kevin David developed to pump traffic onto your website.

a.    Researching For Money-Making Products

You learn how to search for products that will maximize your profits. It means that you buy goods at a substantially low price, and sell them with enormous mark-up.

b.    Superior Supply and Shipping Vendors

You go through the paces to understand how to choose an excellent dropshipping provider. If you sell premium-priced goods, you must demand and offer premium packaging and courier services.

c.    Optimizing Your Shopify Store

Get your business in order with the correct product listing, ranking and optimization. Learn how to make your store appealing so that shoppers feel drawn to visit. When they click on, their experience must convince then to buy and want to return for more shopping.

d.     Web Marketing

You will learn how to use the tools and strategies that will let people know about your business. Web marketing will give you an edge over the competition and enlarge your market reach. E.g., by using social media ads, omnichannel tools and Google search rank-optimization, your store will increase its visibility and drum up more business.

e.    Scaling and Expanding

Learn how to be flexible and adapt in the fast-paced technological advances in the industry, and gear your store to be competitive. When your shop begins handling more orders, you will add and manage your resources to cope with the more significant numbers.


We have identified some advantages.

i.              Free Online Training

You will have access to free online training on relevant topics, e.g., dropshipping, Amazon.com, web marketing, Shopify and many more. The competitive advantage you will accrue from the course will set your store up for financial success.

ii.            Continuous Access to Resources

You will have access to current video courses on Kevin David’s YouTube and the modules mentioned above. There is a bonus training that users will receive. They can learn how to identify niches, create a t-shirt empire, and use click funnels to increase business tenfold!

iii.           A Private FB Group

Users will join the private FB group and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs. Everyone on the group is focused on succeeding and will share experiences and breakthroughs that could be helpful.


a.    Refund Challenges

If you feel that the course did not meet your needs, you may find it challenging to secure a refund. Be sure that you understand the terms and conditions before you agree to them.

b.     It is Time Consuming

You will have to make the time to study and understand the material. The pace of how fast you can learn will determine how long it will take you to complete the training.

c.    It Duplicates the Resources Already On the Web

Kevin David has not created anything new. All the information is available on the internet. Although, what he did was to compile it in a neat package, and charge a fee for that!

 Final Thoughts

The answer is yes! Kevin David’s Amazon FBA Masterclass course will equip you to become a successful web marketer. As long as entrepreneurship is for you, and you invest both the time and effort, the FBA Ninja can train you into financial prosperity.

If you are ready, go ahead and invest in yourself.

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