7 Tips to Get Rid of Acne

Acne is a general issue, especially among girls and it really destroys the face value of the victim of acne. There are 7 helpful ways for you to get rid of this irritating problem.

1) Wear Sunscreen

You might have heard about it a number of times, but this is really important to wear sunscreen and this is really the simplest way to stay younger for longer time. The sun exposure is the major cause of wrinkles and it is essential to prevent more damage to your skin because of the harmful sunrays.

2) Cleaning of your Makeup Articles

A survey shows that most of the women never bother to wash and clean their makeup articles such as sponges or brushes. This carelessness must be discouraged strongly as this can cause acne breakouts. Therefore, you must clean brushes after every fifteen days for which you simply need a few drops of cleaner and a cup of little warm water. Mix the cleanser drops into water and wash the brushes with it.

3) Avoid Dairy Products

You should exclude dairy products in your diet menu. It is believed that the organics that contain cow hormones cause an increase in oil glands and skin pores which ultimately leads to acne outbreaks.

4) Drinking Plenty of Water

If you drink extra glasses of water, this will help you flush out toxins as these are often responsible for blemishes and inflammation, so make it your habit to drink lots of water throughout the day and this will become your courier to deliver proper amount of nutrients as well as oxygen to your skin cells. Remember that if you don’t drink sufficient amount of water during the day, this will not just cause acne, but it will also lead to the premature aging process.

5) Wash Makeup before You Go to Bed

Make sure that you always wash your makeup before you get to your bed as makeup also gets dirt and if you don’t clean it, this may cause blockage of skin pores, dandruff and extreme dryness. Most of the makeup applications contain harmful chemicals and they could be really harmful for your skin. Therefore, you must not ignore this fact and clean your face, neck, eyes and other areas to avoid any harm to your skin.

6) Avoid Hot Water

Taking hot bath or shower would be great to feel, but many people don’t know that it is absolutely wrong with your skin. Hot bath or steamy shower strips the essential natural oils from your skin. The lack of natural oils creates a number of skin problems such as skin burn, dryness, acne, etc.

7) Exfoliation of Pores

Skin pores which are smaller usually go unnoticed, but when they get filled with dead cells, oil and diet, they get enlarged and become even a bigger problem to deal with. To clean out these issues, it is really important to do exfoliating on regular basis. You can exfoliate 1-2 times a week and use the applications such as salicylic & glycolic acid to prevent acne.

The abovementioned tips can be extremely helpful for you to get rid of acne and prevent its future occurrence. If you can avoid the things that actually cause the development of acne and other skin problems, you will not have to worry about their treatment in future.

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