5 Tips for Hair Fall Solution

Hair fall is the most terrible issue that affects your personality. Falling more than 10 to 15 hairs is not actually hair fall whereas more than 20 to 30 is symptom of facing this problem. In the world, millions of people are suffering this problem and when a large number of people reach at the age of 40, they see hairless head. A few of them see less hair indeed.

It is said that first impression is the last impression. Going for a wig or get hair fixed is not 100% right, but selecting the ways which are harmless will be ever such convenient. When you meet people, you think to be more important than them. Having this problem, you can’t fulfill this dream. Here are a few solutions for you in this regard.

1) Coconut Milk

As it is very common in South Asia that taking milk of coconut has a great power to make hair roots strong. If you massage with coconut milk, you will have your desired result.

2) Massage with Oil

For getting moisturized head skin, you better get it massaged well. Getting massaged with coconut oil is really very effective when it is a question of hair fall. It a great source to remove scalp by its miniaturization. Every day massage for 3 to 5 minutes works wonders for stopping hair fall.

3) Aloe Vera

Using the gel of Aloe Vera is effective if you are going to have the treatment of hair loss. Secondly, using its juice is really very helpful for the purpose of stopping this problem. If you want to balance your pH level of scalp, it is better to go for Aloe Vera. Apply gel on your hair and after a few minutes wash it off with water that is supposed to be lukewarm. Doing this activity 8 times a month is quite well.

4) Neem

Neem is very bitter herb but for treating your hair you do not need to eat it but apply. It has many benefits for health. You need to boil its leaves in water about half hour and let it be cool. After preparing this, you must rinse your hair 4 times a month. It is good to prepare it fresh every time.

5) Amla

It is to make your hair shiny and help having long hair. Take dried Amla and boil it in coconut oil. When your oil turns black, take it away from burner. Massaging your hair, especially for treating your scalp, it will be really very effective remedy and it is the easiest tip which is prepared at home.

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I) Shampoo

For having silky and shiny hair, people go for applying shampoo. Make sure that the shampoo you use is supposed to be from authorized company. Do not massage more than 1 minute because it weakens the roots of hair.

II) Soap

Using soap on your hair is not good as it takes away much hair from your head. Never use if you have a shower.

III) Hair Gel

It is observed that gel is a key to get hair farmed as it makes your hair fashionable. Keep in mind that using it all the year round is not necessary because it harms your hair.

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