4 Simple Exercises to Grow Taller

All the successful plans to grow taller contain some stretching exercises which make the plan really effective for the reason that they lengthen spine, expand muscles & strengthen bones. The most important thing about such kind of exercises is that you can easily perform them at the comfort of your own home and you don’t have to go out to a gym or fitness club as they don’t require particular equipments to perform these exercises.

However, one thing is really important and that is to pay full attention to perform your exercises in correct form and order so you can get the maximum benefits with them. Some of the most effective exercises are mentioned below and if you use them with correct form, you can really add a few inches in your height with confirmed success facing no problems at all.

1) Wall Stretch

This is simple yet so effective exercise. Simply stand up with a wall and try to take your hands up while your weight is on your toes. Make sure that your spine is completely flat and stick with the wall. Try to perform this exercise with correct form and don’t spend more than 6 seconds in one repetition. You can take about 10-12 repetitions in one session. You might be thinking that this is quite simple. Well, yes, this is simple yet it is not very easy as you have to keep your spine flat and if you don’t do it, you won’t perform it in the correct form.

2) Neck Stretch

Another exercise is called neck stretch. In this one, you stand up against a wall and your face will be right straight ahead. Once you take the position, slowly and carefully pull your head back to the wall. Try to keep your face in level and pull your neck in forward direction. Make sure that you don’t look down or up position. Once you complete the rep, go back to the previous position. Repeat this 5 times.

3) Bow Down

Stand up with your hands behind your neck. Now try to bend your head in upward and backward directions. However, your move should be in control, don’t try too hard or else you might hurt your muscles. This exercise will make you feel stretched in your spinal area, but it will not cause pain or any other type of discomfort. Each rep will take about 7-14 seconds and you can perform 10-12 reps.

4) Super Stretch

While getting ready to perform super stretch, stand up with a gap of four inches from the wall. Put your hands on the wall and try to reach up as high as you can. It will take about 5 seconds to finish one rep and you can perform about 15 reps.

There are some of the effective exercises which greatly help in adding inches in height. However, you should not neglect other important factors in this regard such as posture, nutrition supplementation, etc. You should also check out a proper height grow program which includes everything you need to get maximum increase in your height.

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