4 Home Remedies for Curing Cough

Cough is terrible that jolts your whole body.Coughing for a moment is like an electrical shock or it seems to be at a trampoline. In winter season, thousands of people are affected by cold, cough and influenza. As far as bacteria of this infection are concerned, cough is transmitted disease that can hit from one person to another.

Causes of Cough

Problem while breathing

If you experience problems while breathing, you should immediately meet a doctor to diagnose so that you may be protected.

Phlegm in chest and throat

Secondly, if you can’t take out voice properly due to phlegm, it clues that you might be having cough.

Irritation if gulping foods or liquids

Inflammation in your throat that you can’t gulp liquids and foods easily is a cause of cough.

Drinking cold

Cheers! When you drink juices and take ice, it causes you flue and cough.

Eating oily intake

Creamy and oily intakes are in red zone foods. Eating these may harm your throat and body system.

Dusty Environment

It is very unlikely to build a house where you see dusty environment because it as a risk of breathing issues.


1) Honey with lemon and black pepper

As far as many evidences from studies are concerned, syrup of honey is really very effective for the purpose of treating your infections in throat and cough. Adding lemon in this can also be good. It is said that licking a teaspoon of honey every day is extremely beneficent for curing it at once. If someone suffers dry cough, he/she is supposed to take it at night. Secondly, black pepper and honey make a great mixture to cure this problem.Sprinkle a pinch of powered black pepper in a teaspoon on honey and eat it slowly so that it touches your throat. You will have relaxed just after a few minutes.

2) Taking thyme tea

You might also know that in Germany, the best treatment for upper respiratory infections and cough is considered to be thyme tea which is also approved officially. It takes 10 minutes to prepare this tea for having healthy throat and chest. If you want to add honey and a few drops of lemon juice, it will bring a great taste to your tea. Thus, after taking, you will get soothing moment.

3) Having hot shower

It is very good to crank up tap to get hot water in your bathtub, switch off your exhaust fan and close the door and window of your restroom. Now enjoy taking a hot water bath that will soothe your nostril and airways and thin your phlegm and doing it at home is very easy. It is two-in-one that you will get fresh and get rid of cough.

4) Ginger tea

You keep ginger in the fridge as it used in lots of dishes. If you are thinking to cure your cough easily, you must opt it for the reason that it is very effective to remove your cough and flu. Its tea is there that is for you. Take about its 10 slices and add water that can make 3 cups. Now leave a kettle on burner for 15 minutes. Here you are! Now add honey to taste, and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice to taste.

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