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Before starting to perform the complex, you need to stretch the muscles of the neck, ankle, do breathing exercises, and after that proceed directly to the asana. This will help avoid sprains and various injuries. Fix each position for 1 minute.

Urdhva -uttanasana

This posture corrects posture, helps to stretch the spine, and helps to maintain balance. Avoid excessive sagging in the lumbar spine!

Uttanasana (intensive posture stretching)

We continue to spread the spine! This poses tones perfectly, strengthens the blood circulation of the brain and pelvic region, strengthens the muscles of the anterior abdominal wall and lower back, relieves the tension of the muscles of the legs, back, and shoulders.

Pull up your coccyx up, while pulling in the stomach. Legs hands grab from behind.
Utah tisane (Pose of the Chair)

Semi-seat with lifting the socks and stretching the arms upwards - an ideal exercise for strengthening the muscles the buttocks, thighs, and calves! Trains balance, stimulates the heart and improves posture.
Make sure the feet are parallel to each other the back is not bent in the end. Hands up as far as possible.


This asana promotes the opening of the chest, intensively strengthens the muscles of the thighs. Lunge, bend your knee at a right angle and bend, pulling your arms up. The knee and the foot of the bent leg must be in line.


Make a smooth transition from the previous asana by turning the body and straightening your arms. This position strengthens the muscles of the legs and arms, gives them a sweet relief, and tones of the muscles of the back and abdomen raise vitality.


Complicating the task! Bent leg straightened smoothly while raising the other so that it forms a straight line with his arms outstretched in front of him. This posture increases metabolism and strengthens all muscle groups.

Do not worry if you don’t immediately get in such a straight line as in the . A little practice and soon the will be surprised at your grace and plastic!

Tauranga Dan asana with

Astana’s straight arms, the correct implementation of which surprisingly affects the figure! It is essential to keep the feet at the width of the thighs and place the palms under the shoulders and at the width of the joints. Tailbone hold, do not stick out but do not bend in the lower back.
Tauranga Dan asana with elbows bent

Bend your elbows to enhance the effectiveness of the asana further. Training your entire body in one exercise!Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)

Extraordinarily energizes, rejuvenates, strengthens the oblique and transverse muscles of the abdomen, back, and improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Ado Mocha Shan asana (dog face down)

Asana, popular with those who want to lose weight. And for a good reason! After all, it effectively tightens the stomach, gives the legs a beautiful shape, works out the muscles of the arms and chest, and stretches the spine. Body weight evenly distributed on the feet and palms, neck and crown pull forward, tailbone pull up.

Shavian (dead man’s posture)

Perform this relaxing asana at the end of each session. Lie on your back, arms and legs, scatter so that they do not touch the body, close your eyes and lie down for 10-15 minutes.

Yoga is a pleasant and sure way to the formation of a healthy and robust body, a natural return to lightness and slimness.

Many people suffer from excessive weight or want to feel lighter, stronger, more cheerful and more energetic. Diets designed to reduce calorie intake often lead only to temporary success. Regular efforts are needed to reduce your weight or to get in good shape. And, preferably, a combination of power control and regular physical exertion.

Yoga for weight loss is a particular type of physical activity, which is aimed explicitly at burning adipose tissue and replacing it with muscle tissue. How is this achieved?

The fact is that you will train like real athletes! Using the interval training mode - small loads of one minute on the main muscle groups. But at the same time using for training yoga asana! Such a training regime leads to the fact that your muscles do not have time to recover the supply of nutrients spent during training and, for the energy supply of muscle fibers, the adipose tissue begins to break down. And this is a delayed effect that can be observed within 1-2 days after the end of the training. Of course, provided that you are not lazy and have loaded yourself enough.

The use of yoga asana in a static mode leads to the fact that we train slow muscle fibers that will stay with us for a long time - almost for a lifetime! Unlike fast muscle fibers (which train bodybuilders) and that disappear at the end of regular loads.

If you see your task not to lose weight - but to become stronger, stronger, increase your muscular corset or improve the relief of your body - yoga for weight loss, i.e., Interval power load using yoga asana, is also perfect for you!

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