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Onion Soup For Weight Loss

Why do nutritionists consider onion soup as one of the best for losing weight? In fact, in the fresh form of its main ingredient, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Yes, onions accelerate metabolism and in a certain sense contribute to the breakdown of subcutaneous fat due to the work of essential oils and glycoside’s, but this process is too slow and requires constant use of the product from the bed. Also, fresh vegetable contributes to:

  • Differential blood pressure;
  • Excitation of the nervous system;
  • Irritation of the intestinal mucosa and stomach;
  • Development of flatulence.
  • Among other things, it has a specific aroma, making a stale breath, and a bitter taste.
  • The situation is entirely different with onions after heat treatment. Its negative properties instantly evaporate, giving way to useful:
  • Strengthening immunity;
  • Lowering blood cholesterol levels;
  • Enrichment of the body with vitamins and microelements;
  • Reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular and oncological diseases;
  • Getting rid of irritability and fatigue.

Nothing is surprising in this. It is known for sure that cooking is a variant of heat treatment, which allows you to save the maximum amount of nutrients of products that are instantly consumed without being deposited on the body in the form of fat folds.

  • Directly weight loss occurs through the following processes:
  • Normalization of the digestive process;
  • Acceleration of metabolism;
  • Decreased appetite;
  • Excretion of toxins from the body;
  • A diuretic effect, relieving tissue from the fluid;
  • Burning subcutaneous fat.

It is important to know that a liquid dish supports the proper water-salt balance in the body and is quickly absorbed, thereby preventing the deposition of fat on the body. It is endowed with antioxidant properties and fills the frame with energy. With regular use, the desire to eat something harmful disappears. Disappears and craving for sweets, which is possible due to the synthesis of insulin.

Despite the liquid consistency and the absence of meat, the dish perfectly sates. Adhering to a special onion diet, losing weight is free from hunger and the associated irritability.

Of course, to achieve high efficiency in the matter of weight correction through onion soup, you will have to follow a few simple but fundamental rules

Cooking should be exclusively at home - restaurant offers because of their harmfulness due to the use of flavorings and emulsifiers are not considered.

In the preparation process, no semi-finished products are used - only fresh and high-quality products.

The Amount Of Permitted Salt Is Minimal.

Cooking time is strictly limited. Otherwise, the beneficial properties of the products may suffer.

Prepare for one day. The next day, the dish will lose its fat burning properties, so it will be useless to model the figure.

The results of weight loss can be different: one can reduce weight by an average of 4 kg in 2-3 days, others talk about a plummet as much as 8 kg per week. But to achieve such a significant result is not easy, because it rests on the number of extra kilograms, physical activity and additional methods in the form of massage, wraps, etc. In the light of the above, it should be noted that a plumb 3-4 kg in 7 days is more mundane.


Unfortunately, the weight reduction on a liquid dish does not always end with the achievement of the goal. Regular consumption of it (and this is the case with the correction of the figure) may well turn out to be unexpected consequences:

Intestinal disorders and exacerbation of pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract;

  • Irregular pressure;
  • The development of vertigo and decreased performance;
  • Muscle spasms;
  • Painful cramps in the abdomen;
  • Amenorrhea.

These side effects are quite understandable: despite the heat treatment, the vegetable retains some substances involved in the chemical and biological processes of the body. With a glut of the possible violation in the work of some organs and systems. If the listed unpleasant symptoms are repeated, the use of food to lose weight, that is, in large quantities, should be stopped immediately.

Another likely problem is a vitamin deficiency. It is somewhat dangerous for those who intend to lose weight with the help of boiled onions longer than 30 days or does it wrong.

In principle, to prevent an adverse outcome, it is better to visit a doctor before losing weight, especially if you cannot grab good health. It is no less correct to weigh all the pros and cons of long-term onion soup before starting a liquid “marathon” to simulate forms.


Budget set of products for cooking;

The ability to adhere to the usual routine of the day (liquid “mix” for fat loss is entirely possible to take on the job);

  • Lack of keen hunger;
  • Selection of recipes;
  • No age restrictions;
  • Normalization of digestion and strengthening of the body;
  • High efficiency.
  • Disadvantages:
  • Imbalance of diet;
  • Limited menu;
  • The presence of side effects and contraindications;
  • The need for daily cooking;
  • Monotony;
  • Unstable weight loss results.
  • In any case, the technique has more advantages than disadvantages, so it’s worth a try.


Diet onion menu can have different duration and degree of rigidity. For beginners, a trial “program” in the form of a fasting day is recommended. Adhering to it, in a day it will be possible to throw off 1-1.5 kg. The menu is ridiculously simple: 1 liter of onion soup and mineral water without gas. The main dish should be consumed in small portions throughout the day. All other foods and beverages for strictly prohibited. Thanks to the discharge program, it is possible to remove excess fluid from the body, that is, the diuretic is triggered, and not the fat burning effect. But the plus is obvious - the body can quickly get used to the dish, which will set it on a more extended diet.

Hard (for three days)

Three-day diet refers to mono-programs. This means that only onion soup is allowed. But the list of acceptable drinks is becoming more extensive in comparison with the unloading day: green and herbal tea, dried fruit compote, jelly. For the entire period, you can lose weight by 2-5 kg.

The diet is tough, so it requires a short preparation. On the eve, it is recommended to arrange a fasting day (cabbage, celery, combined), and for five days gradually reduce the size of portions and eliminate from the diet harmful products such as sausages and smoked meats, fast food and bakery products.

Mono-diet for three days is a good solution for people suffering from swelling or planning to lose a few pounds before an important event quickly.

The three-day weight loss program should not be used in the presence of chronic diseases of the digestive tract and kidneys. During pregnancy, boiled onions can be used, but it is unambiguous to say whether only a doctor can sit on a mono-diet.

You can resume losing weight with this method after 3-4 weeks, provided that the body usually reacts and there is no disturbance regarding well-being.

Gentle (For Seven Days)

Weekly diet onion dish is markedly different from the three-day. Firstly, it has a broader list of allowed products, which means that the menu automatically becomes more diverse. Secondly, the feeling of hunger in such a program is minimized, again, due to the inclusion in the diet of additional products. The risk of breakdown is also eliminated, as is the irritability associated with mono-diets. Thirdly, the weekly program is less dangerous for the body, even if you have not previously had to deal with losing weight with the help of a liquid fat-burning “mix.”

So, The List Of Permitted Foods In The Diet Is As Follows:

Fruits. Almost everything is allowed. Due to the high sugar content and caloric content, grapes and bananas are not recommended.

Vegetables. Also allowed everything except potatoes. All because of the content in it contributing to the increase in weight of the starch.

Kashi. The ideal choice is brown rice with fat burning properties.

Meat. As part of the diet can only eat lean meat. It is better to give preference to white chicken or lean beef.

Milk. Skimmed milk is perfectly acceptable.

The menu of all seven days of the diet can be built according to your taste. The main thing - at least three times a day to use on a portion (200-250 ml) of onion soup. There is a traditional version of the program:

Day one: onion soup (in any quantity), fruit.

Second day: onion soup (in any quantity), boiled carrots or beets.

Day three: the main course of the diet (in any quantity), fruit, fresh cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Fourth day: onion soup (in any quantity), fruit, skimmed milk.

Fifth day: a liquid dish (in any quantity), a few tomatoes, some lean meat in boiled form.

Sixth day: onion soup (in any quantity), vegetables, lean fish.

Seventh-day: liquid dish (in any quantity), brown rice with boiled vegetables.

If you are not sure that you can eat onion soup all day, you can use a little trick: drink breakfast smoothies from its constituent vegetables, and make a salad for dinner

The weekly weight loss program is transferred relatively easily. He promises a loss of up to minus 8 kg. In this case, severe physical exertion is not welcome - it is better to limit yourself to leisurely walks or non-intensive cleaning around the house. Several times a week it is permissible to perform exercises (especially when using protein foods).

Getting out of the diet should be gradually, to prevent adverse consequences for the digestive organs and weight gain in the future. On the first day, you can include yogurt or kefir for breakfast, in the second - lean meat for lunch, in the third - a light side dish for dinner. Full transition to the usual diet should occur no earlier than the seventh day.

In principle, anyone who does not have severe problems with the work of the digestive system can follow a weekly weight loss program. Repeating the diet is allowed after 1.5 months.

Effective (For Ten Days)

The ten-day program is an extended weekly program. In this case, onion soup is used for weight loss of 10 kg, although this figure is only approximate. The exact result depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, the number of extra pounds at the start of the diet and other factors.

Onion soup is still the main food of every day. It is allowed to use it in unlimited quantities. Additionally, for each day, the following nutritional recommendations are given:

First: apples, which are allowed to bake with cinnamon, and watermelon.

The second: a salad of fresh peppers and tomatoes with a dressing of Provencal herbs and olive oil.

The third: fruits (except grapes and bananas), non-starchy vegetables (cucumbers, bell peppers, and Chinese cabbage are considered the best choice).

Fourth: fermented milk drinks and low-fat cottage cheese.

Fifth: a small piece of boiled chicken meat and tomatoes (no more than eight medium-sized pieces).

Sixth: Greek salad with Chinese cabbage and cheese with flaxseed dressing.

Seventh: fermented milk drinks, sour cream and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Eighth: protein foods (cheese, hard cheese, chicken), green tea with the milk of low-fat content.

Ninth: for breakfast a boiled chicken egg and a cup of unsweetened black coffee, an apple or a pear.

Tenth: a slice of lean baked meat, a slice of hard cheese and a salad of seasonal vegetables with a dressing of lemon juice and olive oil.

Any other products are strictly prohibited. Even a small piece of chocolate or a spoonful of sugar for tea can significantly reduce the result.

If desired, the diet can be extended to two weeks, from 10 to 14 days eating chicken, vegetables, and fruits. Required green tea.

Exit continuous mode should be smooth. Carbohydrates, the content of which is the allowed products is critically low, should be introduced gradually, starting with cereals and pasta from durum wheat. Of sweets allowed marshmallows and some dark chocolate. It is better not to lean on fat and fried foods for about a week.

If the diet brought results and did not negatively affect the state of health, after 4-6 months, it can be repeated.

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