Safflower Oil Is Great For The Skin And Hair With Almost No Side Effects

Of course, there are a lot of people that will go ahead and eat pretty much anything they want as long as it tastes good and they can afford it. That works well enough until you start gaining weight, getting a little older, and visit the doctor who tells you that you need to cut back, immediately. The problem is, once you’ve filled your blood vessels with plaque and your heart is struggling to keep up, you start to realize that you should have been paying attention all along, for years. Changing the oil that you normally cook with, both in the frying pan and in the oven, can go a long ways towards keeping you healthy, especially your circulatory system since that’s a major cause of blocked arteries. Blockages can result in strokes, heart attacks, and quite a number of other problems that are all related. Here are some interesting facts about safflower oil and how you can get healthier just by changing that one thing in your diet.

Safflower Oil

The Oil Can Be Used As A Medicine

The most important point is that, while you can cook with safflower oil on a daily basis, it is also so powerful that people do actually take it like a medicine as well. Some of the many things that this great oil is known to help are: atherosclerosis, stroke, heart disease, excessive blood clotting, chest pain, and diabetes.

People have also been known to take it for a laxative, stimulant, coughs, excessive sweating, and pain. In addition to that, there are entire forums devoted to users that have found other valuable uses for the oil and report back their personal experiences.

You can find these websites by doing a Google search like this: “Forum: Medicinal uses of safflower oil” just like that. Keep in mind that these will be just regular people that have problems that have found a solution in safflower oil, they aren’t doctors or medical professionals.

The most likely reason that safflower oil is so valuable in our diets is that it contains an excellent mix of linolenic and linoleic acids that work to clear out plaque in the arteries and thin the blood while widening the blood vessels. These things are all good for heart health, brain health, and overall well being. When it comes to cholesterol, this oil helps to lower the bad kind, the LDL, and lower overall cholesterol levels. It doesn’t seem to raise the good kind in the most recent scientific studies but research is ongoing.

There Are Very Few Listed Side Effects For Safflower Oil

In nearly all cases, cooking and eating safflower oil is very safe as most oils are. There are some people that have taken other measures that are less safe and more risky such as injecting the oil into the veins. It should be pointed out that most foods should be eaten and digested in the intestines where they enter the bloodstream in the proper way, broken down into usable ingredients. Injecting safflower oil into the veins can be dangerous and should only be done by a medical professional.

Since safflower oil does thin the blood slightly, it should be take cautiously by those that take other, medically prescribed blood thinners since the two may add together and cause bleeding problems. Similar warnings are noted for people that have bleeding ulcers or intestinal ulcers since they may experience more bleeding. Seek the advice of a doctor.

Safflower Oil Is Used On the Skin For Many Purposes

Many people have found this oil to help with skin dryness, plus it also helps to unclog pores that have been blocked by sebum. This is excellent for the prevention of acne since blocked pores is the number one cause.

Many dermatologists also mention that the oil can help in the regenerate of skin cells so that the skin stays healthy and young looking longer into old age. This is partially because it helps to hold in the natural moisture of the skin when applied externally.

In searching the internet for safflower oil skin side effects it’s difficult to find many articles supporting that at all. Nearly every online resource shows that the oil is great for the skin and helps with afflictions such as eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, and acne. All of the side effects found were for taking safflower oil internally and usually when combined with other medications or when people have certain diseases. But as far as the skin was concerned, it’s very safe for everyone

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