Cataracts after LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK surgery and cataract eye surgery follows two different procedures, and if you are having any kind of eye sight problem, it can be improved when you undergo eye surgery. But only Lasik surgery may not correct your vision loss which is caused by cataracts. Lasik surgery generally corrects focusing disorder, and it reshapes the cornea. If you have small cataracts, then you can go for Lasik surgery. But if you have age-related chronic then it may get worse over time and in this situation you must check with your doctor for the surgery.

What Is Cataracts?

When your natural eye lenses become clouded, it is called as Cataracts. In most of the cases, cataracts can be seen just because of aging. There may be other reasons also such as a physical problem, any kind of injury and drugs. When you undergo contract surgery, the cloudy lens should be removed, or it can also be cleaned or replaced by the man-made lenses.

How Can Cataract Surgery Be Performed?

Cataract surgery can be performed using the technique called phacoemulsification. When you go for Cataract surgery, the surgeon will make a small opening in your cornea. Then the ultrasound vibration will be inserted into the eyes, and it will break the lens into small pieces. Once the cataract is removed, the surgeon will replace it with the man-made lenses which are known as intraocular lenses. This lens will focus light onto your retina, and it will improve your vision. Most of the people will be able to view without glasses, but if required, you might have to use glasses for a few days. Cataract surgery takes less than an hour to complete the process. Cataracts can be performed in one eye, but if you have to do it in both the eyes, then you have to do separate surgeries.

Can You Do Cataract surgeries After LASIK Eye Surgery?

  • LASIK surgeries are performed to correct your cornea disorder like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. If you have a minimal cataract problem, that can be easily avoided by Lasik surgery. But if you have a serious problem, then you have to undergo a separate surgery for both the problem. The shape of the cornea will not be changed when you will go for Lasik surgery.
  • You must consult with your doctor before you take up any decision when you will check with the surgeon they will be able to give you a solution to any kind of eye problem.
  • You must produce all your medical records to the surgeon so that if there is any problem then it can be prevented.
  • For most of the people who had laser surgery, cataract surgery can be performed successfully.

Risks: Both the surgeries involve some kind of risk. If you take proper precautions and consult with your surgeon, then the risk can be avoided. The process is really very easy for both the surgeries and its pain-free process. You should not avoid your eye sight problem; if you face any difficulties, you must take an expert’s view.

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