7 Symptoms of Varicocele

Varicocele is a result of faulty or incompetent valves in your veins in the scrotum. It is the collection of puffy veins in the scrotum, the skin pouch that holds the testicles in a place. They often do not cause at all.

Though, if you have symptoms of varicocele, they will fall into below-mentioned groups.

  • Pain in your scrotum or groin caused by the varicocele
  • The feel and look of scrotum
  • Systemic issues such as reduce testosterone levels and male factor infertility

This article shares you a list of 7 symptoms of varicocele that helps you to know the feel and look of a scrotum. If you have any symptom of this disease, you can find and get the varicocele treatment which helps you to get rid of this problem soon.

  1. The size of one testicle is bigger than another testicle

Usually, the small-sized, the testicle is available on the portion of scrotum which has a varicocele.  In fact, eighty-five percentages of the instant, the varicocele issues develop on the scrotum’s left side because of the veins position on that area.

  1. The limp in a testicle which never hurt

Every time you discover the lump in your scrotum or testicle, you can ensure that it is checked by the health care professional as quickly as possible. Though it a lump that you are experiencing but, in reality, it is a varicocele issue which never causes pain.

When the pain of varicocele is not usual, it can happen, especially when the varicocele problem becomes larger. The pain will usually take on some below characteristics.

  1. A dull, uncomfortable ache in the scrotum

The ache is caused by the blood pooling process in the scrotum.  Assist your varicocele with a briefs or jockstrap because it can sometimes aid in easing your discomfort. You can also get varicocele treatment to avoid these unwanted hassles.

  1. Pain that finds worse in warm condition

The warm condition can cause your veins to become more substantial or enlarge, making it further difficult for your damaged veins for pumping blood again to the heart.

In few men, the other 2 varicocele problems are very troublesome, as well as have to perform with some systemic issues like testosterone and sperm production, both of that happen in the testicles.

  1. Pain gets worse when you stand for a long time and gets well while you properly lie down

When you hold for a longer time, it creates longer blood pools in the varicocele.  Proper lying down may aid blood drain from the scrotum, hence relieving pain.

  1. Low testosterone

Healthcare experts know that the varicocele can obstruct the natural testosterone production. Along with infertility, the small production of testosterone can truly result in different problems such as:

  • Depression
  • Less sex drive
  • Inability to acquire the firm erection
  • Lack of body energy or fatigue
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Lack of required ambition
  • Minimal exercise tolerance
  • Enhanced fat mass
  • Hot flashes
  • Trouble concentrating
  1. Infertility

In fact, sperm is produced in the testicles.  This process is supposed that the puffy veins which make the varicocele keep the overall temperature around or in the testicles more than normal.  Health care experts trust it may affect the sperm production, function, and motility, leading to a potential for men factor infertility or lower fertility.  Varicocele is a leading cause of issues in 4 out of ten men experiencing the infertility problems.  Some researchers think that there is the autoimmune element to infertility process in combination with the varicocele. It is, your body may begin to kill off the sperm completely. Based on minimum one research, the possibilities of this kind of happenings are more in a male with the varicocele issues than in men who do not have it.

These are some problems that can occur in the patients who are suffering from varicocele.

It is obvious that few symptoms of varicocele are more severe than others.  The testosterone production and low sperm production are dangerous for a male who is striving to grow or start their family. Remaining varicocele systems, though, are very aesthetic, like a lump on scrotum which looks and feels like a container of worms.

If you find any varicocele symptoms, you can immediately make the appointment for seeing the doctor. The varicocele problems which are creating symptoms and doctor create surgery to get rid of this issue. Varicocele embolization is a less invasive technique that helps to treat this condition. There are many useful and safe treatment options available, so you can choose the varicocele treatment that helps you to get relief from this problem soon.

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