10 Health benefits of Drinking Chocolate

Health benefits of Drinking Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most famous and widely used confectionary across the globe. Other than that the popularity and significance of chocolates can be evaluated by the fact that chocolate production is a billion dollar industry and it is widely used as expensive gift for loved ones on special occasions. People love to send chocolates by post to their loved ones to express their happiness and feelings through luscious chocolate gifts.

It is consumed in various forms not just in solid form as we see in retail shops but also used in food recipes as well as in drinks. There are also various types of chocolates drinks invented which proved to be not just flavorsome and tasteful but also pose tremendous health benefits for our body. There have been many researcher studies conducted on the health benefits of consuming chocolates in different quantities and forms which can improve our body functions.

Chocolate drink for sports person

Research shows that chocolate poses fabulous benefits to athletes and sportspersons. After you workout or do any sports activity, you should drink milk chocolate which helps in rehydration and is much better than any other energy drink or juice. Milk fulfills the deficiency of sodium, magnesium and other minerals that you lose during exertion while chocolate milk also helps to recover protein and carbohydrates that are essential for athletes. Research by Dr. John Ivy also indicates that chocolate milk also help in building your muscles and repair any micro tears that occur during workout.

Chocolate drink for Adults

A research study by the American Academy of Neurology indicates that consuming two cups of hot chocolate by elders who have impaired blood flow and

Chocolate Drink for Diabetics

A cup of hot chocolate contains antioxidant gallic acid which treats internal hemorrhages albuminuria which indicates kidney disease and diabetes. You can use dark chocolate or unsweetened cocoa if you are worried about glucose levels. When melted in milk, it forms a rejoicing drink which helps the blood absorb sugar slowly and prevents insulin spikes.

Chocolate drink for Cancer

A research at Cornell study finds that a cup of cocoa has twice as much antioxidants as a glass of wine and three times more than a cup of green tea. It helps to fight cancer cells in the body and is beneficial if you drink it in the morning.

Chocolate Drink for Mood Lifting

French are known to use chocolate drinks to uplift moods and reduce anger. The dark chocolate when melted in a drink releases more antioxidants which help to calm the stress levels in your body. The presence of serotonin is an anti-depressant which triggers the production of endorphin that let you feel pressure.

Now that you have plenty of evidence about the health benefits of drinking chocolate, you can also search and create your chocolate drinks as per your taste. It would also be nice to serve your kids with chocolate drinks as they not only love the chocolate flavors but would also help them keep active and healthy.

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