Top 10 Smartphones of 2019 (Mid-Year)

Being out in the market looking for a phone for yourself can be difficult because almost all the phones have the same specs and you might think they all are the same but they are not. This is a bit of an interesting but confusing task. Let’s just talk about the phones that you can buy.

  1. Samsung Galaxy 5G

I think a big part of the problem is that the company literally named it as if it was just the s10 with the 5G modem stuck on but a better way to describe it would honestly be the S10 ultimate. It has got an even larger battery, larger and brighter display, and its quad camera setup can do a fair bit more depending on where you live. You probably won’t be able to take advantage of that 5G functionality but I would argue that those other improvements alone are enough to justify the extra 200 dollars. In addition to this, this phone you can easily buy using Shopclues Offers with exciting prices.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10+

This phone takes a different approach. It is a slightly more well-rounded phone and no it does not have the camera that can practically see in the darker areas or one that you can use to remotely keep up with your neighbours are up to but it shoots consistently but it shoots consistently good photos in all lighting conditions. It has got a really good battery life and natural sounding dual speakers and one of the best quality displays you have ever seen.


This phone is basically the cheapest full scale 2019 flagship you can buy right now and aside from a slightly under whelming battery, it blew me away. For just under $500 you are looking are at a snapdragon 855chip and a really good triple camera system. Xiaomi also added in fast charging and some of the fastest wireless charging we have ever seen.

4. Huawei P30 pro

This is a phone that truly excels in three key areas. You have got the camera zoom, you have got the camera at night and you have got battery and charging and by excel honestly I mean it is so good. It will constantly surprise you at the same time though it does have a couple of areas like its display and speaker quality that are very forgettable.

5. Samsung Galaxy S10

This phone is amazing. The s10 is a large phone targeted as more premium offering with more cameras, curved display and a bigger battery. This phone surely won’t disappoint you and has a lot of features that if you use them once you will surely hate using the same on other phones. Samsung really put everything together and made this good looking efficient smartphone with the best quality ever.

6. Mate 20 pro

Although it was released last year it is very one of the company’s current gen phones. All you need to do is take a look at the specs of the phone and you can see that it is still very much ahead of the curve especially in terms of battery and charging speed. Also the camera is a whole lot of fun to use.

7. Redmi Note 7 pro

Note 7 pro, a budget phone and you can tell it is not a flagship but also there is very little to complain about. It is using the brand new snapdragon 675 chip for upper mid-range performance. The phone comes with weighty 4000 milliamp hour battery and of course a 48 mega pixel camera. It is really rather good.

8. One plus 6t

It is a blissfully slick experience for half of the price of a top end phone. The software is clean and bloat free and so whole experience just feels light. I would say though you will struggle to get on the official website if you can get hold of the older one plus 6 for less that might be a better buy because essentially same chip, same performance but it is slimmer and lighter.

9. Pocophone f1

It was a beast in 2018 but it is still a beast in 2019. This is a budget phone with shockingly little compromise although it is not quite as cutting edge as it was when it originally launched. Also you can order this phone online using Paytm Mall Offers with great deal.

10. Pixel 3X

I do not think that it is the prettiest phone but there is also definitely room ion the market for the Google Pixel 3XL for two main reasons. Number one, the cameras on both the front and the back you are getting some of the most powerful camera software ever which lets you do things that a few years ago would have been considered black magic. The other is Google’s software, once you use it, it is tough to wean yourself off these slick animations and simple aesthetic.

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