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2 Most Important Things to Consider When Choosing a Sleep Mask

 In this post, we will talk about two most important things in detail when it comes to buying a sleep mask.

1 – Light Blocking

Obviously, the most important consideration is that the sleep mask blocks the light. The mask should be well shaped and designed to prevent light from leaking in from around the sides and top, but particularly you need to pay attention to the nose area. Many quality sleep masks take care of light leaks around the nose by sewing in a special piece of fabric that can be adjusted to fill in the space. The manufacturers of quality masks will also sew in a special blackout fabric that prevents light from penetrating directly through the front of the mask. Without full light blockage, a sleep mask will not be able to fool the brain into manufacture of the chemicals of sleep.

2 – Comfort

The sleep mask needs to be comfortable to wear. In case a mask is not comfortable, the wearer spends an undue amount of time trying to escape the discomfort rather than drifting peacefully into the slumber. In general, the item that causes most grief for the people is the strap that holds the mask to the wearer’s head. Most of the times, these are some form of elastic which can be fastened together with buckles or Velcro closures.

The fasteners are often bulky and positioned right in the back of the head which contacts the pillow. Adjusting the strap so that it lies further towards the nape of the neck or slightly above the area of contact with the pillow will often take care of the issue, however, some sleep mask manufacturers have managed to strategically offset the fastener, so that it no longer poses a problem to the wearer. For Velcro fasteners, to arrange the position of the hook and eye can often prevent people’s hair from being caught as well.

One of my favorite mask manufacturers of quality masks is Dream Essentials. They have come up with a unique solution to create a truly comfortable head strap with their Comfort Snug Band. This is a very thin stretchy Lycra type strap that feels almost like you are wearing no strap at all, very comfortable, very clever and a unique solution to the major comfort issue with sleep masks today.

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