Tips For Creating a Home Gym in the Garage

We all want to be fit and healthy, be able to live a life of both mental and body wellness at some point. The toughest question is whether you are willing to endure the hustle of being fit? Especially if you are training at a commercial gym. The long drives to the gym, hygiene concerns, crowds of people and the monthly fees are just but a few of the things that you have to endure to get into shape. With all this in one bulk, you might start feeling as if fitness is another chore, of which no one would want to end the day from work and start another chore. That is why you need a special secluded space where you can have time on your own. A garage gym would come in handy in such a situation. This, however, must not be a collection of all the equipment from your commercial gym but just effective ones that will have a positive impact on your progress.  Below are tips which you can use to create a home gym in your garage.

 Purchasing of Gym Equipment

This is can generally be described as the acquiring of gym equipment that you can neither build for yourself nor find somewhere to buy them as second-hand products. The purchasing dedicates one towards the building process because you cannot quit after having bought most of the gadgets. Some of the items that are supposed to be purchased include kettle bells, plates and barbells and wall mirrors, the rest you can quickly be built from scratch.

It is, however, essential to purchase the equipment first because they may take a while before they are delivered; the average delivery days are 21 days depending on how far you bought them. This not only gives you ample time to prepare the garage area for the delivery but also ensures that you are both psychologically and physically ready for the task ahead.

During the purchase process, you have to decide what you would like to buy. One of the decisions includes selecting between the rubberized bumper plates and iron plates and whether or not you want them used. New colored rubber plates are expensive for a beginner, you should, therefore, consider purchasing them in plain black if new for the best prize. You can, however, get them at a way cheaper price if bought as second-hand equipment. However, a garage gym does not need all bumper plates.

Placement of Gym Mirrors in the Garage

Gym mirrors are an essential requirement to have in the gym because they have a functional and aesthetic use. Functionally they are bound to help during work out sessions so that you can easily see what you are doing versus what you are supposed to do. They are a useful feature because if you cannot afford a personal trainer to help you in your day to day stretch routine, you can use the mirrors. Therefore, they should be positioned around the stretching and free weight zones.

Getting the Garage Ready

Garages are mostly used as storage areas; therefore, you will need to declutter and ensure that you create space for the ordered equipment to fit well in the garage. However, in such instances where you have to transform the garage into a gym, you are bound to tackle it in two different ways that are having a fully dedicated garage to serve as a gym or make the gym a segment of the garage. Either way, you have to create room for the equipment.
Installing Gym Mirror

Aesthetically wall mirrors make rooms feel more extensive than what they are. This would be a great improvement for the garage space since it be the size of the standard gym. Therefore you are bound to make it appear more significant using the gym mirrors trick. This translates to the wall mirrors being placed at the heart of the gym.

Also, the gym mirrors are said to improve the ambient lighting of the garage area by reflecting the natural light from the windows. However, most garage areas are not well lit using the natural light since garages usually are enclosed spaces. You should cut out window spaces because nothing beats good natural light. If you can’t do that, ensure that the place is well lit using artificial light. you should, therefore, place the mirrors directly opposite side of the windows for proper dispersal of light around the entire room

When compared to plain colored walls mirrors are easy to clean. Therefore, in an environment where there is a lot of activities you should ensure that the place can be easily cleaned lest it gets unhygienic.

Consider Trying DIY Equipment

Most of the gym equipment is expensive and cannot be readily available for everyone to buy, therefore take your time and consider building some of this equipment using your efforts. Some of the quickly made equipment includes:

§    Power Rack

§    Parallettes

§    Plyometric Box

§    Medicine Ball

You should consider starting your home gym for a more convenient and relaxed session that will see you achieve significant steps in physical fitness for a shorter period.  

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