Buy Leading Air Coolers this Summer Without Budget Worries

An air cooler is now one of the most economical alternatives to an air conditioner to beat the scorching heat. You don’t need to spend a fortune to purchase an air cooler, unlike an AC.

The Indian market is loaded with some of the best leading brands with models which may make a customer confused which one to buy. Their features, pricing ranges and more are sure to make you spoilt for choices.

You can go through this article to know some of the best air coolers along with some factors to consider while buying one. 

Also, you will come to know an easy buying alternative in the form of No Cost EMI to purchase an air cooler without straining your budget. Read on and know more!   

Significant Factors to Consider While Buying the Best Air Cooler

  1. The Area that You Wish to Cool Down

If you buy a personal air cooler and start using it a large room, then it won’t serve the purpose. It will unnecessarily burden the air cooler to work for longer without effective results, which may also escalate the electricity bills. Hence, the first thing that you should do is measure your room and an air cooler’s cooling area. This way, you would be able to buy an air cooler that best suits your needs. 

  1. Air Cooler Types

You may be confused between multiple types of air coolers available in the market such as a personal, tower, desert or a mini air cooler. Each one serves a purpose and must be used for the same to make the most of them. A personal air cooler is good to support the needs of 1-2 people in a tiny area. Same goes true for the tower air cooler with a bit more area coverage than a personal one. A desert or room air cooler is what is considered the best for a small room. Hence, one should buy one as per his/her needs. 

  1. Ice Chamber and Mobility

Nowadays, air coolers come with ice chambers so that you can put ice in the water tanker to enjoy super fast cooling on a really hot day. Air coolers with castor wheels help a user take the device from one place to another without issues. Most of the air coolers also come with a water level indicator and water empty alarm. You can look at it and get known by an alarm to know when it’s time to refill the water. 

Leading Air Coolers in the Indian Market

  1. Symphony Touch 20 Room/Personal Air Cooler    

Here is an air cooler that is made to help a user cool down a room or use it only for him/her. The Symphony Touch 20 Room/Personal Air Cooler may suit your needs with many useful specs such as: 

  • 20 liters water tank to last 5-7 hours 
  • Power consumption – cooling – 180 W 
  • 3 speed settings 
  • Air cooler type – room/personal 
  • Water level indicator 
  • Castor wheels 
  • Honeycomb cooling pads 

Buying this air cooler in India may cost you around Rs.7,500. 

  1. Bajaj DC 2015 Icon Digital Desert Air Cooler 

The Bajaj DC 2015 Icon Digital Desert Air Cooler is made to cool down your small room effectively. You can also take a look at some relevant specs of this Bajaj air cooler such as: 

  • 43 liters water tank to last 10-12 hours 
  • Power consumption – cooling – 200 W
  • Cooling area – 600 sq ft 
  • 3 speed settings 
  • Air cooler type – desert 
  • Water level indicator 
  • Wood wool cooling media for maximized cooling  
  • 4-way deflection 
  • Ice chamber – yes 

The price of this air cooler in India is around Rs.10,000. 

Buying any of the air coolers discussed as per your choice won’t hurt expenses now. It is because you can opt for an easier buying alternative in the Indian market. 

You can divide the air cooler cost over a tenor and pay just exact EMIs and nothing else.The No Cost EMI is available in India in 60,000+ local outlets in 1300+ cities across Bajaj Finserv EMI Network. Hence, you can buy an air cooler without paying its entire price at once.

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