21 Day Fix Cleanse

Juicing  And How To Fix Them

Today, every wellness fan at least once tried using – cleansing with juices. But sometimes the result of temporary abstinence is not precisely what is expected. Do not blame the producers of healthy drinks. You should first analyze your habits and small breaks that hinder the achievement of the goal.

Thanks to shops full of “green” drinks, a temporary meal replacement with juices and various smoothies are becoming increasingly popular. Indeed, such a detox is very attractive: it is comfortable and useful, it increases the number of vitamins and antioxidants in the body, and most importantly, it saves the body from “debris.” If you want to be “in the juice,” remember the most common mistakes of diluting and try not to make them.

Refuse Coffee

During most detox programs, caffeine is strictly prohibited. But if you are used to drinking strong coffee every day, it is essential that the “farewell” is not too rapid. Instead of categorical refusal, go to black coffee (that is, without milk, cream and sugar) a few days before the start of the purification – it will be easier to refuse it. If you plan everything, you can gradually disaccustom yourself to caffeine, stretching the process for a month.

Try to increase the amount of decaffeinated coffee slowly: 25% of such coffee is the first week, 50% is the second, 75% is the third, and the fourth is completely caffeine-free. If you need “dope” during the purification, it is better to choose green tea.

Exercise As Usual

Now is not the time for an intensive training regime, even if you are in great shape. During the purification of juices you consume significantly fewer calories than usual, so do not lean on the workout. Many people think that you can give everything the same way as usual, but during detox, it is better to take a break. You should do not go to the other extreme – stick to the sofa. Natural activity is always welcome. Try walking, yoga, swimming or Pilates.

Drink Alcohol

He can frustrate all your plans: cleansing and weight loss. This fluid not only slows the metabolism but also delivers calories with zero nutritional value. Plus, consuming even small doses of alcohol on an empty stomach can harm the body. In general, meeting with friends at the bar with the beginning of dinging should probably be postponed to avoid unnecessary temptation.

 Eat Nuts

Many diets allow nuts as a good snack. During the diving, when you feel an urgent need to eat (or chew), the best solution will be raw vegetables and fruits. Choose foods high in water (cucumbers, celery, and watermelon) and eat in small portions so as not to overload the digestive system.

Return To The Old Power Scheme

The period “immediately after cleansing” – it’s time to reconsider your usual diet and includes healthy foods. The results of purification will largely depend on the path you take after detox. Instant transition from juice to a large plate of pasta or a hamburger will not benefit the stomach. Think ahead and make a meal plan before you finish the cleanse. If you stocked up on healthy food and know what you need to give up, you will be able to “get out” of using without any problems and maintain the result as long as possible.

What Is There?

First, raw fruits, vegetables, juices. Secondly, you can learn to cook vegetable soups and healthy smoothies. From the second to the fifth day after detox, it is permissible to connect meat and fish. It is better to stay away from grains, dairy products, and alcohol for at least a week. Otherwise, it will quickly reverse the results of purification and leave you with a feeling of weakness, “belatedness” and lack of energy.

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